Blogging is not dead.

Google’s Matt Cutts has been quoted as saying blogging is dead. While we acknowledge that the purpose of the blog has changed, and that in such a crowd of internet blogs it is difficult to carve a healthy niche, we are equally certain that while there is an internet, and people want to read articles and information, there will be a place for the blog.

There is a perception that a blog is only worthwhile if it is read by thousands of people with its content being shared far and wide. In addition, there is also a belief that a healthy blog can make money. We don’t agree. A blog does not have to have a huge following to have a positive affect, nor does it need to directly make money in order to justify its existence.

Bad SEO is turning more information into spam than ever before. As a result, the consumer’s appetite for high quality content is growing. People are sick of coming across badly written articles that were obviously written purely for marketing and back-link creation. In fact, in our experience, these types of article do the company in question no good at all.

We believe blogging is a valuable way of sharing information with customers and creating a personality that represents your brand. It is a way of sharing your expertise and giving your customers something additional, for free. There is no doubt that a successful blog can elevate an unknown brand or individual to great heights. And keeping your own successful blog will always leave you open to this possibility.

Blogs that request contributions and charge subscriptions are entitled to do so. It really depends upon the purpose of the blog and the nature of the information being shared. For most companies, Indazo included, a blog is a source of discussion, information, and sharing. Monetizing a blog, in our opinion, is for people who are trying to build a living as writers or content creators.

Blogging will only become a thing of the past when people stop reading and wanting to know more. And we hope that never happens. Whether 1,000 or 100, or even 1 person reads this article, the important thing is that the information was shared, it is unique, good quality, and it gives us a chance to talk to you, and for you to talk to us. That’s never a bad thing.