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Google Algorithms

There are thousands and millions of websites all competing for the attention of internet visitors. It is like a sprint race with everyone competing for a prize which is the attention of the internet user. What ultimately gets you ahead of the competition in this race is your ranking on Google and your ranking on Google is a function of your knowledge of Google algorithms. At Indazo, our job is to help you improve your organic rankings on Google. Google has a set of guidelines with which they access websites and ranks them accordingly. Sites found out to have deployed dubious means at ranking high would be ultimately penalized while those who have complied will be rewarded with good rankings. It, therefore, follows that having a well-designed website is not enough to rank high but your knowledge of algorithms is what would make the ultimate difference in the long run.

How we can help you

Structure Links Texts: Based on our knowledge of what Google look out for in their assessment of websites we can help you rank higher by performing important tasks such as anchoring your link texts and optimizing your links. Just like an examiner coordinating a course, Google is looking at the nature of the links on your site. It is best that a website has links that are clickable and matches well with important keywords. Any site which has successfully mastered this is on the way to doing well in the cyberspace.

Optimize Backlinks: In order to rank high, the links leading to your website need to come from quality websites rather than unknown websites and suspicious links. We can help you optimize your links so as to gain better recognition on the search engine by adopting the use of quality sources and matching them against domain rankings to help you ultimately rise further in your rankings.

On-Page Mistakes: Knowledge is the most important tool to success; the more you know the better your results. This is true of the internet solutions industry. Certain mistakes made by web developers can plunge the website into irrelevance in the cyberspace. On-page errors such as wrong links will ultimately affect the quality of a site so we help our clients eliminate them while ensuring that we do all that is necessary to give their website a more professional outlook.

Keywords: Obviously, since internet users make searches through the use of keywords, it is therefore necessary that website owners make use of popular keywords if they wish to improve their rankings. In an attempt to make use of good keywords, some website owners and developers tend to overstuff the keywords and this would end up affecting the website negatively. We can review your contents and ensure that the keywords used on them occur naturally and not merely stuffed deceitfully just to rank higher.

Conclusively, the spectrum of our services is much as we perform other functions such as removing duplicate and low-value content, removing spam and malware and improving the bounce rate of our client’s websites. All of these services are tailored to improving the accessibility and conversion of our client’s websites.