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Background behind Google Penalties

Our team understand the importance of helping your website achieve good rankings in search engine results. Our experienced team have a firm understanding of how Google penalizes websites, helping you increase your ranking, traffic and revenue.

Google penalizes websites for a number of reasons. The main reason is that the site uses manipulative methods to increase rankings and the other is providing visitors with a poor experience. These are important mistakes that you will want to stay clear of to help your business grow in a competitive online environment.

What to Look For

Manipulative methods include both on and off site solutions. To understand these you need to know that onsite means methods used in the construction of your website, while off-site is the backlinks used by Google to determine your authority and to gain their trust.

Penalties come in the form of algorithms or they are manually set in place. Google regularly reviews sites, determining how you follow their specific guidelines. If your site is manually penalized it means they have visited your site and determined that you have breached some of their guidelines. When algorithms penalize your site, your site has triggered one of the safeguards of the algorithm.

There are two algorithms that will have an impact on your site and penalize you accordingly, this is Penguin and Panda. Panda is an algorithm that rates how easy your site is to use along with the quality of content you provide. Panda is updated regularly and rolls out monthly. Penguin is the algorithm that looks for sites that overstuffs keywords and over optimizes the site. Penguin isn’t updated as often as Panda and usually rolls out at various intervals throughout the year.

What you need to be aware of is that these penalties can relate to pages on your site or your entire site can be penalized. Google will determine how many of your pages breach their set guidelines, too many pages breaching their guidelines will result in the entire site being penalized, where a page or two will only result in those pages being penalized in search results.

Serious cases have resulted in entire sites being removed from the index. In cases where you notice your site drop a few positions, you probably haven’t been penalized. These instances could be related to a number of other factors including the fact that some of the other websites that were previously listed below you have improved their authority and trust or Google updated one of their algorithms and it has rated your site slightly differently.

The problem that many customers find is that they are penalized on work completed on their site months or years ago. Many find that their site has been enjoying high rankings and once the algorithm rolls out, the things they had in place which achieved good results is suddenly the same thing that results in a penalty.

What We Do

Our service eliminates the risk of being penalized by Google using a number of different techniques. Our experienced and knowledgeable team go through your site and eliminate problem areas, which include:

  • Anchor Link Texts – Anchor links texts are clickable links and exactly match or are a very close match to the keyword.

  • Low Quality Links – Google is looking for high quality and informative sites, having too many links pointing to your site that are from low quality or spam sites can result in penalties. Our team will only use sources that are considered an authority, checking them against domain rankings to ensure that you get the best source links.

  • Irrelevant Links – Many companies have fallen into the trap of pointing links from a large number of sources to attract a larger audience. It is important to ensure that links relate to the topics on your site, any more than twenty five percent of irrelevant links can result in serious penalties and will need to be revised in order to improve your ranking.

  • Eliminate Link Schemes – Link schemes are detrimental to the success of your sites ranking. If Google feels that you have paid for links to your site, they will penalize you immediately. This includes payment received for linking to other sites, paying for a service that builds links automatically for you and networking with other sites linking to each other to increase visibility.

  • On-Page Mistakes That Are Seen as Manipulative – Our team will ensure that links direct visitors to the page they have clicked on and not another page on your site. The team will also ensure there is no hidden text, ensuring that the page relates to the keyword.

  • Overstuffing Keywords – The biggest problem with keyword optimization is the overstuffing of keywords. When Google believes that your site uses the keywords in excess, it will penalize the site. Our experienced team ensure that keywords are used naturally within the piece, they are not overused and are used in a balanced manner.

  • Duplicate or Low Value Content – Google has changed the way they rank sites, ensuring that visitors enjoy a unique and informed experience when visiting your site. This means that penalties are given to sites that don’t have a lot of unique and informative content, they aren’t interesting and are designed for ranking purposes only. Our SEO team ensure that each page is unique and are not the same as the other pages with a few words changed here and there, they are also not the same as any other pages on the internet, so they are no duplicated in any way.

  • Over Advertising – Google has set out specific guidelines when it comes to adverts on your website. In the event Google feels your adverts are affecting how usable your site is or that there are too many adverts, you will be penalized.

  • Viewing Time (Bounce Rate) – When a visitor clicks a link to your site, stays on the site for a short period (thirty seconds) and then leaves, Google sees this as a problem. If a visitor only spends a short period of time on your site or only visits one page of your site, then leaves, this is called the bounce rate. A bounce rate of fifty percent or more results in penalties.

  • Spam – Spam is one of the most important factors to keep an eye on when it comes to your website. Letting visitors leave blog comments without moderating them may result in spam being housed on your site. This can result in Google believing you don’t have enough filters in place to prevent it from happening, leaving you with unwelcome penalties.

  • Malware – It is so important to ensure your site is a secure environment for visitors. If Google thinks at any stage that your site is dangerous for visitors it will penalize the site immediately.

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