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Business Process Automation Software Development

Indazo provides Software Development Services that give support to a business’s IT infrastructure. Part of the offering is Business Process Automation Software (BPA) which intends to minimize the costs, resources and investment required when managing the information and data at the tactical level of business. We can maximize process productivity using computing technology as a distinct investment.

This is often a complex process, but we can leverage a business website to become a more powerful asset. We minimize cost when we rely on simple straightforward solutions. BPA must be able to coordinate work with the business partners and clients as effectively as possible and still guard the distribution of sensitive information and tracking of orders. Integrating software and the website will serve as an interface that users find easy to use.

Teams include an analyst who can assess the business and then consult on how to integrate the new and existing software with a quick turnaround, minimizing the impact on the day-to-day operations. The analyst can provide a viable solution as an offer bringing all expertize, skills and knowledge within the business to a point of knowledge sharing and professional utilization.

The consultation is thorough and ensures that the development and commission cycle is complete before handing it over to the client. The goal is always to add value to the Internet operations and marketing strategies.

Indazo provides a list of other offerings to meet a business need:

ERP Software Development (ERP) allows the client to use an integrated application to automate many back-office functions such as accounting, production planning, or human resource management.

Using Financial and Accounting Software Development, we integrate financial and accounting software into the business processes so that data are as real-time as possible.

Using Inventory and Asset Management Software Development, we use the software to gather detailed information regarding stock or asset and then present it to facilitate opportunities for easier analysis and decision-making. Bespoke systems are available to meet unique business needs; however, they might require a higher investment. That investment would provide software that could function uniquely and meet specific needs if the business requires it.

CRM Software Development (CRM) allows the client to integrate as seamlessly as possible with their customer base. The interaction would be specific depending on whether it is a potential, current or future customer. We can design the software to approach each industry uniquely.

Document Management Software Development would make it possible to handle document creation, sharing, organisation and archiving as a web-based activity, which will improve productivity in the way the business manages files digitally.

The ideal would be to access all forms, documents, systems and processes off the existing website. Artificial intelligence and machine learning facilitate that a business can keep up to speed with the changes which come as a result of the fourth industrial revolution. The BPA software requires no further programming, so that users can easily access and drop documents when an update is required. If you would like to capitalize on a web-based solution using BPA, and deploy this as a strategy into the business hierarchy then call us.