Press Release Management

Press release are best way to create branding and increase traffic to your web site. For over a century, issuing Press Releases related to business news and events has been a mainstay off offline advertising. Press Release is a written communication used for the sole purpose of announcing something of importance. Whether you are a Multinational Corporation or a small 5-member company, Press Release carries news about your company to the outside world. A Press Release is news published by the company to the press.

Press Releases are not just made for newspapers; they can be released on various Press Release sites too. And that’s what we do at Indazo. Since Internet is where your online presence is it, an online Press Release adds value to your product. We distribute direct company news, including press releases, financial announcements to a worldwide audience of media, analysts and consumers.

Submission Features:

  • All submissions is done Manually by our trained staff members.
  • We provide round the clock customer services and 100% guarantee that our services will be up to your expectations.
  • All Press Release sites are High traffic, SEO friendly, High rate of success, Known and Proven.
  • We make sure that you totally visualize the impact and effectiveness of our PR submission service, by providing you a free submission report.
  • Most of websites we submit to have a minimum PR 3 and maximum PR 7.
  • A detailed report of PR websites email you at the end of submission.

You will also gain from a higher search engine ranking by virtue of the incoming back-links from every website where your press release is published and also drive huge amounts of targeted traffic through your press release. With Indazo’s press release submission service, your news will be circulated around the world. This ensures that in addition to getting your information picked up by major search engines and news outlets, you can also align it to the industries and regions that are most relevant to your business.

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