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Press Release Management

In this age and time a press releases for your business is an integral part of creating awareness, branding and driving traffic to your website, this practice has always been effective over a decade now and because you will need your business to succeed against all the odds then advertising your news and events using this method is paramount to us. Using a press release which could be written text or a video to disseminate your business information or facts will go along way of reaching your main targets online. It doesn’t matter the size of your business whether it’s a small company, a multinational or a conglomerate you will sure need to advertise your essential information through press releases. The good thing about the press release is the fact that it will help you carry the news to the outside world, which includes your loyal customers and targeted audiences.

We are now in the digital age where press release are not made for just newspapers and offline press boards, they can be released now online on different press releases available sites and it will do you and your business a whole world of good to key in and take advantage of getting your information reach to all continents of the world. Do you have limited time and will be very busy to deal with this task, then don’t worry your head because this is what site is made for. Indazo is here to help make the online presence of your business known through helping with your online press releases. Indazo knows that an online press release will add more value to your company and make it more viable, and as such, we are ready to create the needed releases for you. You can trust Indazo because our team does distribute direct company news which includes press releases and special announcements to a national and international audience of analysts, consumers and media

Indazo press release services include:

  • Manual submission of information by our trained staff members

  • There’s 24/7 customer service and excellent rendering of the services to meet your high expectations

  • We will publish your press release on high traffic and SEO friendly sites for a high rate of success for your business

  • We will always render a free submission report so that you can visually access the impact and effectiveness of our PR submission service for your business

  • We submit our press releases to sites that have a maximum of PR 7 or at least a minimum of PR3

  • We will email you a detailed report of PR websites after our submission

So with Indazo’s press release submission service your news will be heard beyond boundaries, it will spread across continents, in additional major search engines and news outlets will pick your news too and of course you will gain higher search engine ranking because of all the backlinks will be coming from all the sites your press release was published. Your brand will soar higher because we assure you of targeted traffic through your press release using Indazo‘s press release submission service. So contact us today.