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Advertising through social networks and monetizing your blog content
In this short post, I want to cover two general and fundamentally important topics that are basically for understanding how online sales and promotions work. This two important topics will be relevant for you if you want to increase sales of your products with the help of social networks and also if you are interested in monetizing the content of your blog including understanding the basic mechani...
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Branded content and how it can help you gain more prospect clients
One of the most used marketing strategy when it comes to increasing brand awareness and lead generation is branded content. The expression "branded content" is pretty much new, but there are still many confusions around it and sometimes it is confused with other connected strategies. Definition:  Branded content is one of many marketing strategies that involves creating content linked to ...
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Fred, the Inspector of Google-land
Fred is the new Lord of Life and Death in Google-land. It’s an update that can terminate your ‘domain’ in the same way as it can award you with the water of life. Before you think “No worries, Google always makes updates and we always find a loophole”, I have to warn you: Fred is a serious inspector. You’d better reform your thought in this way: ‘What can I do to please Fred?’ ...
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Top 4 Social Media Marketing Tips
Social Media Marketing is one of the most attractive online activities. It is a fact that social updates and searches nowadays generate more website traffic than Google searches. More than 80% of the adults who use the Internet use social media as well. Some of them use it for fun, others for business and students for their college needs. If you're still not sure whether you should invest your ...
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Instagram marketing trends for 2020 – stories and more
This year is coming to its end, which can mean only one thing -it’s time to get on the track with the new Instagram marketing trends for 2020. This year’s highlights were wide use of IGTV videos and the rise of Instagram stories. But, what should we aim at in the following year? Get informed and prepare your marketing strategies on time. Instagram stories will continue to rise You may have f...
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6 Online Marketing Techniques to get Results
If you have decided to promote your website using online marketing and search engine optimisation techniques, you should carry out a profound research and analysis. Here are a few things to study and follow: Gaining Traction with efficient WordPress Plugins Most of the marketers use WordPress to power their website; however, they do not use productive and beneficial plugins that can improve th...
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7 Ways to Amp Up your Online Marketing Efforts
If you want to amp up your online marketing efforts and touch the highest plateau of success, you need to follow certain standard practices. Create fresh and original content Content creation and publishing is no longer a boring chore. Here are a few tips to create fresh content for users: Determine keywords that are most relevant to your business/industry. Always target long-t...
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7 Productive Online Marketing Tactics
Marketers always look for easy, flexible, effective and productive online marketing tactics that can provide long term output in terms of ROI and business visibility. Here are a few productive online marketing tactics: Focus on technical aspects There is no denying the fact that technical SEO can make or break a website. Tips - Never use “#” in URLs. Create sitemaps and r...
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Forward-looking Online Marketing Techniques for Significant Output
People still use outdated online marketing techniques to gain prominence, naturally they fail to get the desired ROI. In today’s marketing landscape, it is vital to use specific online marketing techniques. For better results, you should - Create quality videos and infographics. Create presentations and promote them on the best platforms. Write and distribute press rele...
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Six Effective SEO Techniques for your Campaign
If you want to improve your site’s organic traffic, drive leads or enhance its position in SERP, you should use effective SEO techniques for desired results. Here are a few SEO techniques to use: Check indexation status of your website to gain rankings It is a known fact that if a website isn’t indexed, it’ll not rank. One of the best ways to check indexing is to use - “site:yoursite...
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