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Certified SEO Specialist in India

Based out of India, we are a team of professional SEO experts with an excellent track record of sterling SEO services rendered to several companies around the world. Due to the constant evolving techniques and trends in Search Engine Optimization, our experts in India are consistently being trained to meet up with the current standards across the world. Although consistency is key, change is also constant especially in the world of technology. Companies realize the need to have SEO experts help rank their website in search engines and this is where we come in.

“The race for optimization isn’t for the swift, neither is it for the mighty”. This statement, however true does not make the competition for rankings any easy. On the contrary, the competition is fierce and it is important that every company looking to increase its outreach should be able to not only beat the competition, but also stand out from it. Due to the complex nature of search engine optimization, not everyone can pull this off except experts in this field and that is why our experts at Indazo can not only provide the spectacular results you need but also analyze and monitor your project’s metrics over time to be able to provide a methodology that suits your requirement.

Expert in Client Relationships

Not only are we experts in our field, we also possess quality human relation qualities and keep close contacts with our clients in order to create impeccable plans and strategies, tailored specifically to our clients’ specifications. To prove this, we setup a consultation session for all our new clients with our senior SEO experts who will listen to their requirements and plans for their company with respect to their website and then provide them with proper advice on how to strategically include SEO to work side-by-side with their plans. The SEO strategy agreed upon is therefore weighed against the various SEO services available at the company and then tailored to suit various factors such as time and budget.

We put our money where our mouth is and you should take our word for it when we say we are experts at this job because we aren’t bluffing. Our advanced SEO techniques have not only generated effective and efficient results but has also gotten us rated the number 1 SEO specialist in India by TOPSEOs. With this, you can be confident that we would provide you quality services to help you achieve your goals with regards to optimization.

Benefits of hiring us

Below are a couple of benefits you get when you work with our SEO specialists in India:

  • SEO experts who will not just provide you with preset SEO services but develop strategies for optimization to suit your project;

  • Expert web developers who will create the best websites properly optimized for search engines and also for your audience use;

  • Social Media Professionals who will give your brand an outstanding online presence and audience impact by getting a high conversion rate from your social media platforms;

  • Consistent analytics monitoring and report to keep you up to date with your website’s progress;

  • Competitive pricing which will suit your budget;

  • Expert guidance throughout the project timeline.