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Competition Analysis Service

Competition analysis is an integral part of the business’s marketing strategy. Successful companies have employed it extensively and virtually; if this function hasn’t existed, marketing wouldn’t be “marketing”. It is important to see from a customer’s perspective, and survey the customer’s journey as he\she seeks for a product or service, particularly in the Internet. Competition analysis lends you insights into how your product or service is performing in relation to the surrounding competition in the same market area. Typical questions will arise, such as if there are any unique features involved in your products and services and how well they are attracting customers. Without competition analysis, your company can essentially miss out crucial information that can benefit your revenue and profile while your competitors are capturing your target customers. Market trends are also part of the analysis; keeping in touch with the trends helps you to adjust your business strategy in order to seize potential customers.

The goal of competitive analysis service is to go through and identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors within the niche. It provides a distinct advantage to businesses and helps them to break down the barriers of competition. It is similar to being a successful sports team; if the team wishes to win championships, it has to carry out intensive analysis of other teams’ style, strong and weak points so they can lay out strategies and dominate match-by-match, manoeuvring around opponents and working towards success. As products or services are continually evolving in responses to many different factors in the market, competition can change rapidly thus being successful also involves taking swift and decisive action for the benefit of your business.

What do we offer?

As a top-of-the-range SEO company, skilled SEO professionals and digital marketing analysts can be found in one of our teams, performing complete and effective analysis work. We use industry-proven tactics to conduct in-depth research and provide documentation that is easy to understand and supports your understanding of how your business fares in the market area. Information that is relevant to the analysis is comprehensive, and as a follow-up, we provide advice on how you can beat your competitors.

We start with who your competitors are?

And then we investigate their websites. By analysis, the type of content, quality of content, type of URLs, as well as keywords are determined thoroughly. Not only that but also competitor’s backlinks and other SEO factors that impact the overall performance of a website are examined too.

Afterwards, your competitor’s presence on social media is measured and evaluated because social media is a huge and powerful driver of traffic to websites. Since Twitter and Facebook are two huge sources of traffic, we analyze competitor’s profiles to know about their current promotional activities, the total number of fans and followers, and their reach and audience base.

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