Competition Analysis

It has become affordable and easy to establish a website, implement e-commerce systems, and build online businesses. This ease has caused a rise in online competition.

Businesses are now looking to the internet as their primary marketing tool. In order to effectively compete, you must establish visibility on a platform that is flooded with your competitors.

Throughout the competitor analysis phase, Indazo will employ SEO tools to evaluate the SEO health of the top 5 ranked websites for each of your targeted keywords, which involves assessing the major competitors for the targeted keywords. This analysis will allow you to measure the likeliness of achieving good rankings for your website for targeted keywords.

Competitor Analysis tells you what optimization to undertake with your web site in order to compete with pages holding top 10 search positions in the Search Engine Results Pages.

How will a Top 10 Competitor Analysis Report help me ?

A report will tell you what you don’t have, what you have too much of and suggests what you could change to improve your ranking. Everything about the Top 10 Competitors that are competing with you is broken down into over 60 factors. Everything is analysed based on what search engines and visitors see when they come to your Web Site.

We have years of experience doing competitive analysis in a broad range of industries that allow our clients or us to develop strategies to outperform their competitors.

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