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Website Speed Optimization Service

How fast does your website load? Google’s recently announced that the time that your website takes to load is definitely a raking factor. This means the faster your website loads, the higher the rankings that will be achieved on Google Search Engines. Increasing the ranking in any search engines, results in greater engagement, retention and conversion of the costumers, making it really important to analyze your websites speed on a regular basis.

Are you looking forward to improve your websites loading speed? We’ll help you optimizing its HTML code, CSS scripts and many other aspects that affect its performance. How your site performs, will reveal so much opportunities. Tasting it will lead you to discover why you should join thousands of people and companies around the world committed to make their web’s consistently faster.

What do we offer?

Since the speed of the website is one the most important aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), at Indazo, we make sure that your site loads in the minimum possible time, from a fully-managed infrastructure. In pursuit of this, we perform a wide range of activities such as compressing files and images to reduce the overall time required to load.

Google has recently included factors like speed and security into its ranking algorithms, meaning that a poor performing website will drop down the page rankings. You should get started making sure your site is fast for everybody, tasting it in different countries, browsers and connection speeds so you can enjoy of a global reach and up the ranks for your particular niche.

If you are wondering why your page is slow, no matter the class or size, our technical experts will use a full set of tools and techniques to measure and analyze the speed of your web page. We will breakdown your page’s performance in an outline report, using the most advanced techniques like to:

  • Enable Gzip Compression

  • Optimize CSS Delivery

  • Leverage Browser Caching

  • Reduce and Optimize Functional Images

  • Avoid URL Redirects

  • Use Content Delivery Network

  • Fix 404 Errors

  • Reduce HTTP Requests

  • Remove Render-Blocking JavaScript

When you learn how important is monitoring your site, you will track your performance over time to keep track of how it behaves. This way you can know when and why your page is slow and underperformed. A comprehensive web performance report will give you a better picture of your web’s speed and performance trends, measuring your network connectivity and diagnosing errors more quickly and easily.

In response to a increased demand for comprehensive performance testing solutions, we want to suggest the best possible answers to our clients. We are specialists in the latest SEO gadgets and we are continually developing tools for webmasters and developers to improve the experience of both, those who create and visit the web.

Take the advantage of all the features we have to offer. Feel free to contact the number one SEO Company in India now, in order to upgrade the speed of grow of your business.