Website Speed Optimization Service

Google recently announced that the load time of your website may be a ranking factor. The faster your website loads the better rankings it may achieve on Google search engine. Are you looking to improve your website’s speed? We can help you make your website load faster by optimizing its HTML code, CSS scripts and many other factors that affect the performance of your website.

What we offer?

Since website speed is one of the most important aspects of SEO  (search engine optimization), we at Indazo, make sure that your website loads in minimum possible time. In pursuit of the same, we perform a wide range of activities such as compressing of a website’s files and images to improve its overall load time.

Irrespective of the type and size of your website, we measure its speed. Our technical experts use a wide range of tools and techniques to analyze your site’s page speed performance. We use different techniques such as:

  • Enable Gzip compression

  • Optimize CSS delivery

  • Leverage Browser Caching

  • Reduce amount of functional images

  • Optimize images

  • Avoid redirects

  • Use a CDN

  • Fix 404 Errors

  • Reduce HTTP Requests

  • Remove render-blocking JavaScript

We specialize in the latest SEO tools and techniques and suggest the best possible solutions to our clients. Contact us now to improve the speed of your website and grow your business.


“We have seen our business grow by over 100% over the last year“

Amanda Nixon, New York - USA

“Indazo have managed to drive more quality traffic to our website“

Jonathan Stewart, Nottingham - UK

“Our rankings have finally started going in the right direction“

James Lieu, Singapore - Asia

“Our rankings have finally started going in the right direction“

Jackie Brown - London, UK