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Search Engine Marketing

As the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) grows increasingly complex and multifaceted, so to do more and more specific forms of this particular form of online marketing develop in order to adapt to the ever-changing face of the internet.

One especially prominent example of this is Search Engine Marketing, or SEM. Like most forms of SEO, SEM is a complex process; but in brief, the main factor that sets it apart from SEO is the usage of paid marketing tactics.

Generally speaking, traditional search engine optimisation does not involve making any sort of payment to search engines; rather, it involves attuning a sight in such a way as to ensure it becomes more prominent on relevant searches and receives more clicks, without actually making any direct payments to the search engine itself.

By contrast, while Search Engine Marketing does utilise certain aspects of Search Engine Optimisation – research into keyword trends, how they differ among various industries and target markets, and so forth – it also makes use of direct payments to search engines. Usually, this involves the search engines deliberately giving your business prominence among the results of specific searches in return for regular payment.

But why, exactly, is SEM important in the world of modern online marketing? In brief, while Search Engine Optimisation was once something of an esoteric and emerging concept in marketing, it is now something utilised by almost every business in every industry, with nearly every modern target marketing finding new goods and services via online searches.

As a result, no matter what sort of industry your particular business may be in, chances are that more or less every competing business or brand will, much like you, be making use of Search Engine Optimisation in order to improve their prominence in the results of searches related to your industry. By making use of paid Search Engine Marketing, your business gains a substantial advantage over the competition, the majority of which has likely not made direct payments to search engines in order to enhance their prominence.

This is not to say, of course, that effective online marketing simply consists of bloating one’s advertising budget – competition is ever a factor, and proper marketing strategy is still very much necessary to make an impact upon potential customers. However, the paid aspects of SEM can oftentimes offer a business a substantial head-start on the (often extensive) competition, thus enhancing the chance that their particular marketing approach will gain the attention of their target market, and thus have the opportunity to take effect.

Needless to say, however, SEM is a complicated process that requires a great deal of marketing strategy and expertise – more so than most forms of SEO, in fact, since it involves direct financial investment.

And that, in brief, is what we at Indazo are here for. Drawing upon our extensive SEO and SEM expertise, and our years of experience with clients from across the globe, we do our part to ensure that your business receives the sort of Search Engine Marketing that translates into genuine, measurable growth for your business, and that your expenditure is affordable and effective.