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PPC Analysis

After finding the perfect marketing plan for you the next step is the PPC Analysis, because you can not just set the account and them left it on it own, the success does not happen alone – never. Behind it are a team of specialist of the field – in this case Indazo’s PPC team, which are working hard. So the catch is to have a previous made plan and a good strategy so you will not splurge your clients’ money without any result.

Making a change in the sector

Some companies do the PPC Analysis before they start the whole project, but we do it before and during the project because as we know things and situations can change, and with them changing our approach should change too. As the analysis of the market before the start of the project is important, because, when we are analyzing the traffic and the conversation data it is showing us which one is our targeted group and how should we approach it. However since we have the constant need of the account to be monitored, every client has their own PPC specialist. In that way there will not be any unwanted surprises and the effectiveness of the account will be on its maximum, as every account ask for managing on a daily basis. This service offered by Indazo when combined with the monthly reports are the most powerful tool that leads to success. On the other hand it is great because you are only paying for already proved and measured results and not for something that exists only on paper / online.

Benefits of the analysis

You have an all time monitored process and with the smallest possible chance of a human made error. And with the calculation of the Average Quality score you are seeing how actually has your CPC improved and in which direction. All this gets us to one point – you are staying on top with all these key performance indicators which will be in their highest, due to the monitoring process. Of course over the time we may need to adjust the program and try something new, how would we know when is the right time for it? Simple one more time in the game enters the monitoring process.

Benchmark tests that put our efficiency on point

On top of all we are using Benchmark tests to measure the exact performance of your account in real time. So how does this helps you? Well that is easy – these tests are actually algorithms that are comparing your results and calculations to a prototypes account i.e. a health account (where everything is giving their maximum). So with the test if we find an error, we will not waste any time and resources to locate and track the mistake, so only then we can start fixing it, but due to the accuracy this test has we just go right onto to the step of fixing everything. Which once more proves that our company is the right one if you are dealing with difficulties on the PPC field.