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Ranking Maintainence

Congratulations, you have finally achieved your goal, reaching the top spot with the highest traffic and ROI! Before celebrating, it’s time you know your competitors are getting stronger because they already aware of your search engine ranking optimization skills. How will you maintain your position? Ranking Maintenance is then, the most important service you need so you don’t lose the top ranked position just achieved by the SEO efforts.

A website is not something you can publish online and let it go. Like most things in life, maintenance is required on a regular basis or sooner or later it is going to stop working. You have to make sure, that the site is frequently backed up. Keeping a copy of your backups too is a good idea, you are never too careful when it comes to your website. Everyday thousands of websites are compromised by hackers. Keeping pluggins and themes updated is critical to your and your clients protection.

Search Engines have recently included factors like speed and security into its ranking algorithms, meaning that a poor performing website will drop down the page rankings. Therefore, we have started using HTTPS as raking signal. Google is taking secure sites more seriously that those that are not and we’ve seen positive results in that.; that’s why the SSL Certificates activate the padlock and the HTTPS protocols allow secure connections from a web server to a browser. It should be notice that a lot of the technological innovation regarding next generation analytics is coming from young and upcoming companies.

Basically, the basis of Industrial Internet of Things is Predictive Maintenance. This strategy mainly combines improved traditional condition monitoring with analytical algorithms, which predict failures before they occur. According to research, this result in massive efficiency gains.

So It’s serious, getting higher means that your competitors are working harder to take your position and outrank you the soon as possible. This means that son enough will be an engine algorithm update capable of jeopardizing your current position. We have created an SEO maintenance service able to keep you in the top or probably in a higher ranking.

Our Search Engine Position Maintenance Services include:

  • Monitoring of your rankings for the targeted search terms every week

  • Monthly new and optimized content for your site

  • Bookmarks from social networking sites per month

  • One way backlinks from related relevant websites

  • Articles including writing and distribution with links to your site

  • Complete an total exclusivity on your targeted search terms

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