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ERP Software Development

The Indazo Outsourced Enterprise Software solution focuses on addressing fundamental areas in clients’ businesses as well as their challenges in process management, with the goal of improving operational efficiency, to achieve expected business results and a better process streamlining. These improvement programs work best when the right technology is enabled. Offshore Enterprise Application Software solutions are services required by customers who wish to meet increasing client expectations and remain relevant and on top of the competition in dynamic market conditions. Outsourced Enterprise Software services such as we offer, require experts with experience in management, a wide range of other related skill-sets, a combination of suitable, recent and enduring technologies, and a commitment to delivering beyond expectations.

Every business, startups inclusive, needs a convenient and reliable enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to automate business operations.

Our team has the required skills and has garnered significant experience in ERP development and in creating fully integrated modules for managing workforce and workflows, cash flows, and manufacturing processes. The high-end solutions we provide are guaranteed to improve your business processes and accurately track your projects and resources.

Process Automation

Using our ERP software development services will increase the overall efficiency of your company. The ERP system helps you eliminate manual operations, collect data easily, and streamline business processes within your company.

One-Location Data

With ERP software, you are able to aggregate all your data in a single location, keeping it consistent and up-to-date at all times.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our ERP software development service allows every user of the system to easily generate custom reports. With these, you can gain access to, and analyze data faster and easier, enabling faster important business decision-making.

Customer Service

This is Indazo helping you enhance your customer service with Enterprise planning solutions. Sales and customer service employees can now interact more effectively with customers. Our comprehensive ERP system offers easy access to customers’ information and generally improves the quality of customer service.

Enhanced Security

Data security is important, especially for larger organizations. We will build an ERP system that grants different access rights to different types/levels of users. This will make data accuracy and consistency better and eliminate all data leakage threats.

Regulatory Compliance

With the ERP software, organizations can now comply better with regulations, because the system is developed with a built-in compliance.

With our extensive experience executing outsourced Enterprise Application Development across various industries, Indazo has built an enviable reputation providing Enterprise Software Solutions such as:

  • Enterprise E-Business Solutions
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
  • Enterprise CRM Solutions
  • Enterprise Application Integration Services
  • Enterprise m-Commerce Solutions
  • Enterprise Broadband Solutions
  • Enterprise e-Governance Solutions

We have expertise in the development of custom ERP systems. With our solutions, customers are able to automate every process from order tracking and management to managing transactions and revenues. We also specialize in developing complex enterprise resource planning software, to help small and large businesses undertake resource planning and forecasting for increased efficiency and productivity in each department, optimizing the company’s profits to the highest levels possible.

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