Local Search Engine Optimization India

For many small businesses, the most important part of their business involves being visible to local customers. With the advent of mobile technology it is more important than ever that your business is visible online and local people can find you. Where you may not be near the top of the rankings against the massive global brands, customers who are looking for your type of products or services on a local level may prefer to do business with you. It can be a way to really boost sales for smaller businesses.

Local search engine optimization has enormous potential for helping businesses really flourish, which is essential in the current climate.

The Indazo SEO India team can help you to achieve maximum exposure online with local searches and enquiries online by helping you with:

  • Local directory listings
  • Google Maps and Google Local business listings
  • Yahoo Local search listings
  • Windows Live Search Local business listings
  • Yell.com listings (for our UK clients)
  • Mobile search/Pay Per Call listings
  • On Page Local SEO Optimization
  • Localized directory listings on 50 Local directories in your State (for our US clients)
  • Local searches are resulting in high quality natural traffic for websites.

As a small business, you may not be looking to conquer the world, just to make sure your business is busy and healthy. Local SEO optimization is a powerful way to achieve this and pick up the local traffic and boost your sales.

Indazo is a team of top SEO India professionals serving clients all over the globe. Wherever your business is based, we can help you achieve great results and increase your visibility online by boosting your traffic to the right people in the right places.

If you would like to know how Indazo can help your business be more visible to local internet inquiries, contact us now for a no obligation consultation. We will be happy to make SEO recommendations of how to boost your visibility and increase interest in your business.


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Amanda Nixon, New York - USA

“Indazo have managed to drive more quality traffic to our website“

Jonathan Stewart, Nottingham - UK

“Our rankings have finally started going in the right direction“

James Lieu, Singapore - Asia

“Our rankings have finally started going in the right direction“

Jackie Brown - London, UK