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PPC Conversion And Analysis

Differing from the popular belief that starting internet-based business is very easy, we know that the truth is an exact opposite of what we think. We have reached a point in the tech world where creating a smart and functional website is not enough for you to attract the right traffic in order to improve the rate of your conversions. We know doing this is essential to increase the possibilities of profitability. That is why we are here for you to relieve you of that stress and to get things working. You might be thinking of targeting the most competitive keywords for your business, the road is not smooth at all but our job is to create that smooth ride that you need.

In Indazo we aim at improving the website usability, engagement and increased conversion by making the visitors’ post-click experience top-notch. This means that we make every click from the visitor count. Remember that Pay Per Click (PPC) programs help you to maximize most of the revenue channels you need and it creates that campaign that your business requires thereby improving your return on investment (ROI). The benefit of hiring a professional PPC management service is that we would constantly evaluate your campaign, regulate the metrics based on its performance.

PPC is considered as one of the most robust marketing techniques on the internet and many start-up companies are making use of PPC to improve traffic and increase conversions. However, it is also considered as one of the most cost effective approach because you are going to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. It is very economical and it can definitely fetch you much without stress. More visitors would be converted to customers with our website optimization capability and PPC skills. We wouldn’t just help with the just conversion but we would also help in The Analysis too.

Why Should I allow Indazo to help me with PPC Conversion and usability analysis?

  • We drastically increase the number of leads in your website leading to sales.

  • We have a better cost per conversion rate, better than anything you can find anywhere else.

  • We also make it our duty to pass on that core brand message to the visitors of your website.

  • You would benefit from our wealth of knowledge and experience in creating that effective landing page.

Our PPC Conversion and usability analysis service includes all of the following:

  • The initial consultation which would help you to access those background factors and your needs.

  • Our master test hypothesis formula which is ever efficient and effective.

  • Test type selection (A/B or Multivariate).

  • We also test the HTML, CSS and Image element design too.

  • We present the results of these test and research in the simple interpretation and reporting.

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