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Software Development Services

Indazo provides Software Development Services that give support to a business’s IT infrastructure. We can provide support when your data management systems require emergency software support, but our primary goal is to partner with you and avoid any crisis events. This is a premium level support which uses a team of people who have very special skills to meet the business needs. Our package is flexible enough to optimize the offering and only incur those costs which are necessary.

Indazo designs the software with the end-user in mind so it reduces any business interruption at the commissioning stage, and quick orientation follows go-live. Users will find the ease of use will speed up the learning curve, and they will negotiate the change more efficiently. The programs have the power to provide the required performance and remain secure and stable. The business can avoid unnecessary, onerous protection, and any downtime loss incurred because of a system crash.

Indazo can customize the applications, for each software being developed, so that they uniquely fit the business needs. Application integration is possible when the cross-functional teams provide enhancement and maintenance opportunities using a diverse range of technology platforms. The teams can also perform portal testing, portal design and data migration as they leverage the special skills and specific scientific research.

A multi-tiered enterprise application makes it possible to implement business intelligence tools, and business activity monitoring. This becomes effective to meet business objectives while covering each stage of the software development life cycle (SDLC): requirement analysis, development, testing, implementation and maintenance. We position each stage to meet the custom requirements and design specifications prescribed by the client be it ASP, PHP, JAVA, or Oracle platforms.

Indazo provides a list of other offerings to meet a business need:

When Indazo develops the software to provide the Business Process Automation Software Development (BPA) the intention is to minimize the costs, resources and investment required when managing the information and data within the tactical function. We can maximize the process productivity via computing technology as a distinct investment.

ERP Software Development (ERP) allows the client to use an integrated application to automate many back-office functions such as accounting, production planning or human resource management.

Using Financial and Accounting Software Development we integrate financial and accounting software into the business processes so that data are as real-time as possible.

Using Inventory and Asset Management Software Development we use inventory and asset management software to gather detailed information regarding stock or asset and then present it to facilitate opportunities for easier analysis and decision-making. Bespoke systems are available to meet unique business needs; however, they might require a higher investment. That investment would provide software that could function uniquely and meet specific needs if the business requires it.

CRM Software Development (CRM) allows the client to integrate as seamlessly as possible with their customer base. The interaction would be specific depending on whether it is a potential, current or future customer. We can design the software to approach each industry uniquely.

Document Management Software Development would make it possible to handle document creation, sharing, organisation and archiving as a web-based activity, which will improve productivity in the way the business manages files digitally.

If any of these offerings appeal to you, and you feel inclined to approach Indazo for a solution, then just call us.