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On Page Search Engine Optimization Service

Web page optimization

On-page optimization plays a significant role in increasing your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines. on-page describes the optimization of both the HTML source code and the content of a page. This makes your site look useful and relevant to your users.

It considers essential factors such as every element of the page that when combined, will boost your search engine ranking. Search engine optimization doesn’t happen overnight, and it is a gradual process that demands an in-depth understanding of the basics and core concepts of SEO.

What we offer?

At Indazo, we have the complete knowledge of the complexities of on-page SEO optimization, so we design an extensive plan that will suit your business demands. We place our attention on multiple web page element to make them user-friendly and relevant. Over time, it helps the website and boosts its performance on search engine rankings.

We focus on certain elements as:

  • Heading tags (H1 tag) – heading tags play a vital role in search engine optimization. We will help you conduct H1 optimization for a better result of search engines. There are different types of tags (H1 to h6), andH1 is the most important. Multiple tags are necessary for your landing page to perform well. However, you can only have one h1 tag per page. Likewise, multiple h2’s or h3’s headers can be added on other sections of the page. These will serve as subheadings as the user scrolls down the page.
  • Keyword researchwhile it is essential that you have useful and authoritative contents on your page, it is also vital that you include some targeted focus keywords that are relevant to your site. We will help you with research and outline specific keywords that generate multiple queries related to your website. Using the right keywords helps boost your page’s performance.
  • Keyword densitythis refers to the number of times a particular keyword appears on a page. There are some set of rules and instructions to follow when determining keyword usage. Too much keyword usage is bad for your website’s performance. We will help you manage your keyword density, and make sure your page is properly optimized.
  • Meta tags meta tag is an important aspect of your on-page SEO efforts. Meta tags provide information about your page to the search engine, so it is what determines if your page will appear in search engine result or not. For your website to appear at the top of search engine result, we will help you create an optimized meta tag following SEO best practices and increase your click-through rate.
  • Content writingthe content of your page has to be authoritative and useful to your users. Valuable contents will make your users spend a long time on your website. We will help you optimize your website’s contents and also create it following to the page theme.

We are here to help you grow your business through your website. We will help you organize a comprehensive on-page optimization service to the best of our abilities.