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Website Audit Service

Search Engine Optimisation is, to put it simply, absolutely essential to any business in the modern world. No matter what sort of industry your business operates in, or what your target market may happen to be, chances are that your greatest chance of being found by your potential customers is by being discovered via online search engines.

As a result, not only is it essential that your business’s online presence be properly optimised for search engines, in order to ensure you a prominent place in the results of relevant searches, but it is also important that your official website be frequently audited by experts, so as to ensure that their Search Engine Optimization is full, complete, and up to speed with all the latest developments in the world of online marketing. Failure to do so can oftentimes result in your website falling drastically behind in its ranking on relevant online search results; which, in turn, generally translates into a drastic lapse in traffic to your business’s official website, giving greater prominence to your competitors; which, likewise, oftentimes leads to drastically less business for you, and, in the long term, drastically reduced profits.

And that’s where we come in. Here at Indazo, our SEO experts, drawing upon their years of experience with brands and businesses from around the world, will fully audit your site’s Search Engine Optimisation, ensuring that it is full up to speed and optimised to ensure you all the exposure you can get.

How is this done? Well, SEO is a complex concept that, in order to be properly effective, requires consideration of multiple factors. In analysing your site, our experts will consider a great many things.

We will consider your page content, ensuring that it is optimised to catch the attention of relative online searches whilst still remaining natural and user-friendly. We will consider your keyword grouping, ensuring that they are spread evening and used naturally, and that the chosen keywords are relevant to your industry and target market, whilst still evoking what makes your particular brand unique. We will examine your website’s headers, likewise ensuring that they catch the search engine’s attention, whilst at the same time fulfilling their chief role of helping users orientate their way through the site. We will identify duplicate content, and assist you in “canonicalizing” your main URL so as to ensure that search engines focus upon the central pages of your site. We will move beyond the site, and consider how many external backlinks exist, advising you on ways to grow your backlinks and assisting you with the process of deleting “zombie” backlinks, thus growing your organic traffic.

We could go on, of course; but putting it simply, in auditing your site, our experts will review it from top to bottom, seeing to it that every facet of it – external and internal – is designed, first and foremost, to bring it top prominence in search engine results. In the competitive world of modern business, it’s the sort of going-over that every business in every industry needs.