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PPC – Pay Per Click Consultancy

What is the most efficient PPC plan, when you out – pay you competition on the market or when you just outsmart them, but with a smaller budget. Of course that the answer is visible from the skies, so that is what we do here in Indazo PPC, we outsmart out clients’ competition and on that way we have a win – win. What is a win – win in our dictionary? Well when the clients spends an affordable sum of money and gets the result he wanted from the beginning, meaning that we can add one more successful client in our list and the client has a company that he trust and does not over pay their services.

Custom PPC Plan

With us there is no fixed PPC plans that are practically the same, because we are well aware that every client has its own needs and expectations. That’s why before starting any collaboration with the client, we tend to have a meeting so we could solve some of the important points in every PPC Plan like how much is the client wiling to pay, what are his business goals for the future, what group of people would be the target group and so. Of course sometimes the client is looking after something new but does not necessarily need to know that is the thing that has been missing to make his business better, in this case our specialist are here to give some suggests and to make some creative brainstorming with the client. After that our specialist come out with a totally custom plan which is presented to you. We tend to have all time connection with the client and to involve him in every important decision or brainstorming, because after all its his business we are taking care of. So the client is up to everything in every moment.

Brand awareness

We are known for paying attention on every detail and carefully choosing the keywords, because on the end of the day they are one the most important means that lead to reinforced Brand Awareness. In that way the only thing that remains is to draw the targeted group with the creation of new, fresh and totally unique ad content.

Perfect combination of dedication and professionalism

Having a discrete Pay – Per Click Consultant is as important as having a discrete accountant, because everything goes throw him. Our team will do every task with the perfect amount of discretion and dedication, so you will not have to worry about nothing! Through the years we understood that the most important thing to our clients is to work with experts of the field, so that is what we have done. So we can deliver your expectations quicker and with more efficiency. Our professionals will definitely give you peace of mind knowing that your company is in the right hands, where if anything goes wrong will be handled with the speed of light!