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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

At Indazo we offer a wide range of Online Reputation Management services. Our ORM services range from building brands online, fixing online reputation, and improving reviews. Our services are meant for both new and existing businesses.

Why do you need Indazo’s Online Reputation Management Service?

Because at Indazo we have a dedicated team of experts in online reputation management. Although there are hundreds of ways to counter bad online reputation we use the most effective techniques that have proven to work. Our techniques are from years of research and testing and we are always tweaking them.

If your business is new, we will help you build your online reputation. In today’s digital world people tend to search online for services or products before they can buy. Here at Indazo we will build your online brand by developing Wikipedia page, Google My Business, and Google Knowledge Panel. We will also help with content creation and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If your business has negative reviews online you have felt the impact. You’ve probably seen a downward trend on sales or no sales at all. The good news is at Indazo we will help fix the negative reviews by improving your Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and other online reviews. 

When you hire Indazo for Online Reputation Management you will reap these benefits:

  • Build trust: More people will trust your brand if you have a good reputation online. People tend to rely on consumer opinion and recommendations from friends when looking for a product or service to buy. This means that people will trust a brand if only they can get positive information about it. One way of building trust is by engaging with your customers online by responding to their questions.

  • Increase in business revenue: A good online reputation will help in attracting more customers. Good reviews on sites such as Yelp and Google will help your business to generate more sales.

  • Business optimization: Online reputation management helps in improving areas of weakness for your business. ORM also helps in structuring marketing campaigns that suit the needs of your company’s target audience. It also helps in identifying other income streams that end up increasing your business revenue.

  • Attract better employees: Online reviews are an important feature for talented people when they are looking for companies to work with. No talented person wants to work with a company that has negative reviews. Any expert looking for a job wants to be associated with a good brand that they can trust.

Why Trust Indazo?

Here at Indazo we work hard to protect brands so we render all our services with utmost secrecy. We only offer our “fixing services” to businesses that we can handle. If the damage is beyond us we will politely turn down your offer.  We have a dedicated team ready to support you through the journey.


Now that you know how Indazo will help you, take control of your online reputation by contacting us today. Get started now before negative reviews online damage your business beyond repair.