Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Is your business getting hurt due to the negative content that appears for its name across the search engines? Or are you looking for creating an online presence of your brand?

Your reputation is everything. Indazo’s online reputation management services are designed to go into the world of social media, find mentions of your brand and protect against negative brand associations.

Online reputation management in the search engines is everything in the business world. If you have a bad online reputation, then customers are going to avoid using your business.

If you don’t have any search engine reputation at all, then clients will hesitate to trust you, even if they manage to hear about you.

Reputation management services begin with monitoring your business reputation online. Today, companies of almost every size need to maintain their online reputation and avoid any negative content from floating to the surface that can harm their business. This requires continuous monitoring and strategic placement of content across the web for your brand. For this, you need to use online reputation specialists. You want to give your consumers and clients an assurance on your quality and your brand. And we are the ideal people to make this happen. You are sure to find our proactive approach to be a blessing in disguise.

Here are some of the methods by which your online reputation can go down –

  • Bad reviews about your products or services
  • Negative comments about an existing employee
  • False accusations against your company
  • Negative remarks by a rival company/former employee/customer/client

Here are some of the effects of having a bad online reputation –

  • Your stocks will go down
  • You will lose your market standing
  • Your existing clients and customers will think twice before sealing a transaction with you
  • Your shareholders will get restless
  • Your offline reputation will also be affected
  • Your business will come to a halt

Our solutions are the most cost-effective and competent in the market. View our Online Reputation Management (ORM) packages for information on our ORM services and pricing. You can depend on us to repair your online reputation so that you can do great business.

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