Search Engine Optimization

Our Organic Search engine optimization (SEO) services aim to get your website appear high in the results for the specific searches likely to generate more qualified leads for your business. With Search algorithms getting smarter day by day it is an inevitable part for any online business to frequently update their strategies that will ensure them to achieve and maintain high SERPs. It’s the quality and relevance that matters today and at Indazo this is exactly what we deliver. Having a strategy that is driven by the needs of your target market and takes advantage of your competitive differences is absolutely fundamental to success. We can help you identify your advantages and discover deep customer insights that drive consumer behavior.

Our SEO Approach, Experience & Expertise

We will work with you to determine your current situation, the desired future position and the strategic levers that will help you get there. We tailor our strategy to integrate SEO with business metrics that makes your business uniquely attractive to your customers letting it achieve dynamic leads in the online market. Higher SERPs, CTRs, ROIs, are some variables we keep an eye on to track your progress alias our progress.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services aims to:

  • Improve the overall user experience of your website through detailed usability analysis
  • Bringing targeted traffic to your website
  • Increase conversion ratio through web analysis
  • Online corporate brand building
  • Building your assets online

Our Search Engine Optimization Services aims to:

  • Website Audit: Indazo’s Website Audit assesses the performance of your website against all the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. This allows you to observe the web pages that are performing successfully and identify the webpages that require adjustments…. read more
  • On Page Search Engine Optimization: SEO or Search Engine optimization is a technique available to ensure that your website comes first. Website SEO or search engine optimization is an important step in the building and promotion of your website… read more
  • Off Page Search Engine Optimization: Off-Site SEO refers to search engine optimization techniques that are not performed on your own website or page, and are therefore termed “off-site.” Off page optimizations consist entirely of link building strategies. Search engines evaluate pages that link to yours for relevance… read more
  • Monthly Reporting: This is the best way to follow your SEO campaign and see the results in an ongoing progressive SEO report. We provide you with all the information we can, in an easy to read, monthly or bi-monthly SEO report… read more

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Our SEO India consultants’ thoroughness and attention to detail consistently ensure that our website design and development service leads the market and adds considerable value to your wider internet marketing strategies. Contact us now and we will explain how we can help your business prosper on the web.

“We have seen our business grow by over 100% over the last year“

Amanda Nixon, New York - USA

“Indazo have managed to drive more quality traffic to our website“

Jonathan Stewart, Nottingham - UK

“Our rankings have finally started going in the right direction“

James Lieu, Singapore - Asia

“Our rankings have finally started going in the right direction“

Jackie Brown - London, UK