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Financial and Accounting Software Development

Although finance and accounting software are generally perceived as standard applications, we see things a bit differently here at Indazo. Accounts go beyond government requisites. An accounting software is important for tracking financial data. At Indazo, we have extensive experience and expertise building custom accounting and financial software. We have a long history in the design, development, installation and maintenance of business financial software solutions for small and large scale business enterprises.

All companies, large or small, will always have to handle a number of financial information such as cash assets, and daily basis management of financial transactions. Financial software can significantly reduce the company’s expenses and provide you a better and more efficient way to handle financial information.

Here at Indazo, we have dedicated team of financial software developers with extensive experience providing custom financial and accounting software solutions.

Take a look at the core services we provide in this category:

Billing software development

We develop billing software for hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and other industries. Billing software helps a company organize the billing of its clients/customers, track debtors and send notifications to defaulters. We will build you billing software that helps you manage invoicing processes efficiently, keeping a track record of every financial information of transactions involving clients.

Booking and auditing software development

Our booking and auditing software services Include inventory and stock control software, payroll software, time sheet reporting software, cash and depreciable asset management software and other auditing software development solutions that should assist the accounting process.

Financial planning software development

We build solutions that assist your company in financial planning. This software service will enable companies to combine all financial files and other available information, analyze them and produce a short and/or long term financial forecasting. Financial planning software helps advice the management about potential risks within the organization, and facilitates decision making processes that should help the business.

Contract management software development

We provide these solutions to help the handling of all the legal information that connects to your financial transactions and other activities of your company. The software organizes your company’s legal resources, and with access to the contract database, ensures easy contract management processes.

Other software development services we offer include:

  • Financial Calculator integration

  • Mortgage Management

  • Wealth Management

  • Payroll Management

  • Enquire Management

  • Employee Management

  • Client Management

  • Transaction Management

  • Account Management

  • Multi-currency and Multi-Lingual support

  • Profile Management

  • Payment Gateway Integration

  • FX Rate Management

  • Fee Rate Management

  • BIN Management

We have custom business software packages that include general ledger, accounts payable, payroll, inventory control, accounts receivable, order processing, sales analysis modules, shipping and warehouse distribution.

We also develop custom software solutions with software interfaces that can be compatible with independent software products that allows for easy communication with other products that may not be related.

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