Keyword Research & Analysis

Is your business focusing on the right keywords to gain traffic through search engines? Have you researched the number of searches performed monthly for you product, service or information provided to maximize your exposure? Targeting the right keywords is critical to the success of any search engine optimization or pay-per-click campaign. Our professional Keyword Research is based on a full analysis and understanding of your business issues such as your brand, your location, your target market, and the products and/or services you offer will all be taken into consideration. In our keyword analysis and market research we will take the root word of your product / service and research the vertical markets to identify your targeted demographic. We will utilize several different keyword market research tools and not rely on any one source. Keyword Research is one of the most important activities in the search marketing field as it has the potential to make or break any SEO or PPC campaign. It’s about finding the right keywords that will help to bring right traffic to your website. It also helps in predicting many dynamic market conditions such as shifts in demands that will help you to respond with the right product, service or content and ultimately dominate the online market by overcoming the barrier of understanding the needs of the consumers. There are many reasons to perform keyword research and analysis. But the most common reasons are:
  • To find new topic ideas for content generation
  • To determine the keyword phrase(s) to target when you already know the topic of your next piece of content
Ultimately, most keyword analysis boils down to keyword suggestion, search volume analysis, and competition analysis.

The Keyword Selection Process We Undertake on Your Behalf

At Indazo, we take the guesswork out of finding the most profitable keywords for your website. How do we do it? Here’s our process.
  • Keyword Discovery – During keyword discovery, we get to know everything about your company, your products, and your target audience. This is the time where we predict and identify the types of phrases your audience might enter into a search engine if they were looking for your products. It’s a detailed brainstorming process that gives us a starting point for our keyword research.
  • Keyword Analysis – Keyword analysis is the process of quantifying the value of each keyword. Instead of simply saying that we think this might be a good keyword to target, we spend the time generating detailed statistics on each keyword’s search volume and the amount of profit you stand to make by ranking well for it. No guesswork involved here. Our Keyword Analysis is based on hard core market research and the latest SEO and PPC tactics.

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