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Keyword Research & Analysis Service

When users are looking for certain goods, services, or brands, they type some specific keywords or phrases into the search box of search engines. Your website will appear if the contents on your site contain these words or phrases. Keywords are very important to your site for traffic boost.

What are keywords?

Keywords are used to describe what your content is about. These are the words and phrases (search query) that users send to search engines.

Why keyword analysis is important?

As a business person, you want to have keywords on your page that will be relevant to people who needs your service when they search the web.

It will be difficult for search engine marketing campaigns to function effectively without keyword analysis.

Keyword analysis is the core foundation of search engine marketing campaigns. It helps a website to drive quality traffic and increase its overall conversion rates. This is why keyword usage is important.

The keywords you use must be relevant to your industry because you can use keywords that will attract the wrong traffic. We make use of tools to perform keyword research and analysis. These tools gives analytic report data like a list of of most referenced words/phrases under certain topics.

How we perform our keyword research and analysis

You have to follow some basic principles to get meaningful results with keyword usage. We follow these principles:

  • Create initial list of keywords – Just by knowing the characteristics of certain products and services, we can create a list of keywords from the customers perspective.

  • Use the right keyword research too – We use these tools to sort our initial list of keywords. It will help us to streamline these keywords in descending order of their relevance to search results

  • Keyword refining – We proceed by using keyword suggestion tools to further refine our list of words/ phrases. These tools give us an overall insight on how your targeted traffic combine words with the keyword phrases while searching.

  • Keyword research for the product or service that you offer – It is possible that your business offers services in different categories. We will help you conduct exclusive keyword research for each of these sections to target a specific product or service. This is a tedious process especially for an ecommerce site.

  • Utilize Long Tail Keywords – Long tail keywords are not usually used for searching, and any user that is typing a long tail keyword has a specific questions that needs to be answered, or problem that needs to be solved. What we do is to target as many multiple relevant long tail keywords as possible. We then include these keywords in content for your page.

Using keywords on your page

There are certain principles that need to be followed when using keywords on your page, you can just be throwing keywords around. You just don’t want to appear in the search engine results, you also want to offer useful content to your users. Keywords should be added at every page of your website, and at locations where bots and humans will see it. These locations include a page’s title tag and body of content.

Keywords can also be added into your URL, meta description, H1 tag in the page, and attributes of images on the page.

What we offer?

At Indazo, we want the best for our customers which is why we perform an extensive keyword analysis for our client’s website.

We help our clients to identify and choose relevant keywords that will bring targeted customers to their sites.

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