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Document Management Software Development

Indazo has maintained leadership in innovative software delivery to enhance an overall improvement in the design productivity of any engineering workplace. We are excellent in our delivery of Document Management, CAD, and CAFM solutions.

Document management software is handles the creation of documents, as well as sharing, organization and archiving. The document management software solution streamlines these processes to improve the way your business manages digital files and overall productivity. It has a central electronic location that makes documents and information quite easy to find, saving time so you can focus on managing the core of your company’s operations.

We are specialists in sophisticated document and content management software development. Our products are fine-tuned to perfectly serve enterprise infrastructure management system as well as any other specialized business solution. Our reputation precedes us, as we have successfully completed complex enterprise content management projects and have the required skills and experience to develop and deploy content enterprise management software at any scale.

When we develop your DMS, these in summary are what we provide:

Workflow Automation

By workflow automation, we streamline document management processes by routing documents to their various destinations. The system also allows for automated reports creation, helps in the assignment of tasks, revisions, approvals, notifications, in addition to other important workflow components.


Document management software stores documents and metadata, making intelligent searching, indexing, and management of data easy. Also, we integrate the electronic versions of documents into the DM system, significantly reducing the use of paper in the office.

Document Retrieval

This is a function used to make intelligent searches using some specific parameters and metadata. With this, you can change the document format and provide centralized access from your desktop.


With version control one gains access to the DMS revision history. This is important for user collaboration processes. The function allows users to view all the changes in the document, compare versions, make reverse editing, and accept/cancel the changes.


At Indazo, we build document management software that ensures better flexible security control over your documents. Such systems provide access to data by giving permissions for dedicated workspace, a document or a folder.

User dashboard

Our DM systems include a document and workflow inbox, chats and follow- ups, with alerts and notifications, reports , and other components all in one user-friendly virtual dashboard.

Users of applications such as SharePoint, iManage, InterAction, Starlaw, Microsoft CRM, Client Profiles or Needles and other similar products have found our document management solutions useful in bridging gaps between applications and unique business requirements, improving the overall experience in the process. Law firms, accounting firms, individuals or groups working in a corporate legal department, or any other business that uses document management would require quality technology to maintain superiority in business – and this is what we provide!

At Indazo, our software development team is committed to building cutting-edge products that serve multiple platforms. It is in fact, our daily routine to design (or improve upon) new solutions on a daily basis. Contact us today with your unique needs.

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