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SEO Content Writing

Content is the cornerstone of search engine optimization (SEO); that is why it is more than essential for online businesses to write fresh and well-targeted content. Do you want your website/s to rank high in search engine results?  e.g. appearing in top five results in Google when a customer queries for something that matches your market and area of focus of your products and services.

If your content lacks optimization, your website/s will be lost in the sea of thousands, and thousands of other low ranked websites and visitors will not be searching for such websites thus missing out valuable potential customers! Remember, if your website ranks low, it indicates that your product or service is not of value to the customer! Website content, when optimized with the right set of keywords, become SEO content and ranks higher in search engine results, increasing your chances of capturing potential customers and strengthening your base in the market.

The Internet is always bombarded with a gigantic wealth of information on a daily basis and in order for businesses to position themselves well in the net space, they would have to figure out how their content can stand out in the face of competitors and information deluge and convert visitors to customers, expanding their number of prospects in the sales funnel. This is where SEO can come to aid. Unfortunately, not many businesses do not know how to use SEO in the best ways possible and this undermines their deserved rankings in the search engine results.

What do we offer?

As a leading SEO company, Indazo has a team of highly trained and expert creative writers who can develop a wide range of SEO content to promote your business across the web. Our SEO writers believe in creating evergreen content (evergreen content is basically content that is always relevant even after years of publication, e.g. FAQs, tutorials, informational guides). By establishing such content, your traffic will be continually driven to your sites; therefore, putting you in a stronger position to be an industry leader. We make sure that we communicate your message in the most impressive and engaging manner, utilizing may different methods of creative writing, persuasion, in-depth content research and analysis. We use the best industry practices while writing content so that it can outperform its competitors and make your business strive through the Internet!

Every time we take on projects, we place importance on creating content that matters and converts such as:

  • Informational, engaging, specific and persuasive

  • Keyword optimization to target desired audience and establish conversion funnels

  • Grammar editing, spell check and many other language analysis tools

Our versatile SEO content writing team can work in any industry. They can grow your brand by researching and creating SEO-friendly content which improves your business value and establishes rewarding leads. Unquestionably, quality content plays a vital role at all times. We place tailored emphasis on content that will always serve your customers.

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