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Inventory and Asset Management Software Development

At Indazo we offer inventory and asset management software which is a system that helps businesses to manage their assets and inventory. Assets are what you use to run your business and they include furniture, cars, computers, and mobile phones. Inventory refers to products or product that you sell. 

Question is: why do you need Indazo’s software to manage your inventory and assets? To answer this question let’s look at the benefits of an Inventory and Asset Management Software.

  • Save time and money: Automated asset and inventory management mean you will not waste time in inventory changes. With our software, you will be able to save time and money with automation.

  • Increased accuracy and accountability: Asset and inventory theft happens in companies daily. Good software will help your company keep updated and accurate information of all company assets and inventory. This will ensure that if an asset or inventory is lost the assets and inventory managers will be accountable for the loss.

  • Better asset visibility: If your company owns many assets there is a high chance you cannot track where they are or who is using them manually. With our software, you are able to know the assets your company owns, where they are, and who is using them. 

  • Better product visibility: In case your company needs to recall a product good software will assist in locating it faster. With a manual system, you need countless hours to trace a product.

  • Avoid stock out: Improved tracking of inventory will help in making purchases or production of stock whenever needed. With good software, your business will never experience stock-outs because of lack of reliable data relating to inventory. 

Now that we’ve looked at the benefits, let’s now look at the features of a good inventory and asset management software.

  • Easy to use: This is a key feature you should consider. If you buy software that will take a longer time to learn you will end up wasting time and losing money eventually. 

  • Supports multiple users: A system that supports multiple users makes it easier for workers to access information on inventory and assets. This helps the workers to know when an asset is being used and if a certain product is running low. 

  • Compatible with mobile and third-party apps: A system that supports mobile is especially vital if you have workers that work outside company premises. Your company might also be using other apps so you’ll need to know if the software will support your apps.

  • Scalability of the system: If your business is small it is not essential to purchase a high-end software meant for big companies. We advise you to look for a system that is flexible and scalable. It is important to ensure that you will not incur additional charges for an increase in inventory and asset.

  • Reliable customer support: If you can find a way to test customer service in advance. Ensure that they have someone who can help you when you need them. If for example, your company operates 24 hours it is important to know if customer support for the software is available around the clock. 


You’re now aware of the benefits and features of an inventory and asset management software. At Indazo we have systems and people in place to make sure you will get value for money with our software. Contact us today to get started.