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Five tips to create a successful music marketing campaign

Music Marketing is the first thing a music band/ artist really needs to be able to get their material recognised in the wide world, outside jamming in a garage, or singing into a mirror. The world has grown a long way from getting local FM stations to spin your new track, asking a reputable magazine such as NME, Q, and Melody Maker to promote needed coverage for your new album, or wait for a PR record label executive to show up to your show by the off chance they will hand over a contract.

The modern world we live in has made things more accessible with the emergence of digital platforms and the internet. Bands are finding it easier to discover new ways to get their music heard and, hopefully, reach the promised land. I shall look at five ways this can be plausible and offer tips on how you can succeed.

1. SOCIAL MEDIA- This seems an easy decision in society these days where people in general feel naked without it. The use of it has proved a useful tool for established musicians, such as Ed Sheeran getting exposure with more bands hoping this can attract more followers. The key is engagement- an ability to interact with your audience – by keeping them updated with any music releases, or snippets about what you are up to in the studio.

2. BAND WEBSITE- I suppose this should have been number one, as it is the most obvious. If you want to attract new listeners, an informative website is crucial. The best way is a superior design to entice readers, followed by music videos, bio, link to your earlier releases, pictures newsletter, and a link to those Social Media accounts. This will help fans get to know you more, as well as give further insight into what you can offer as an artist.

3. EPK- A good Electronic Press Kit is another useful tool to enable good coverage of your music. These are helpful when contacting music bloggers to promote your material via a news post, review, or even an interview. The key ingredients behind it are keep it simple with basic details and language, a press release, pictures, a link to your current release, music videos, and a mention of earlier outlets’ comments and upcoming shows. This will help any potential PR firm and blogger write up the best piece to get your music noticed.

4. Music Publishers- PR publicists are helpful in getting a band noticed because they have contacts with bloggers, publishers who may be who may be interested in promoting your material. These publicists can offer packages in exchange to help in developing the best ways to get your music out there.

5. Playlists- This is surprisingly a useful way to get your latest single heard by contacting music publishers, bloggers to feature your track on their weekly features/new releases playlists. This can be beneficial when releasing your single early. You can use the top four tips to get that done.

In Conclusion, Music Marketing is more progressive than earlier times with the increasing presence of social media, streaming platforms, and music bloggers. There are cheaper ways for an artist and band to get a song out there with more success than the old struggles of waiting to see. I hope these tips can help in building initiative in spreading your brand.