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Digital Marketing for the unknown

Ask your grandma if she knows what is digital marketing? 98% of the elderly won’t know. A millennial will know the answer to this for sure. This kind of marketing has been around forever and beyond. The digital marketing strategy was born when the radio was invented. Guglielmo Marconi: an Italian inventor, proved the feasibility of radio communication. He sent and received his first radio signal in Italy in 1895. By 1899 he flashed the first wireless signal across the English Channel and two years later received the letter “S”, telegraphed from England to Newfoundland. Facebook ads, Google ads were not even an idea at that stage.

This is a recognizable advertising method through any website, mobile or web apps. So how do you explain this to your grandma…? Digital marketing is a form of marketing, product or service that involves electronic devices, for example, radio, tv, smartphone, and computers. So why is digital marketing so affection and successful? That is due to the cost-effectiveness, generate better revenues and interaction with the right audiences and it earns the audience’s trust. Trust is what you want for your business or company. Different tools for digital marketing can be used email marketing, (can be done in bulk), display ads, events, and webinars. Google ads are a way for companies and small businesses to advertise their products and services and reach the right audiences in your niche. Facebook, Instagram, Google ads and YouTube is a fantastic way of advertising and is very easy to use.

Be smart of retargeting the Digital Marketing structure. Facebook ads are a very effective way to reclaim lost customers by promoting products. Most Businesses have landing pages, to push traffic to their services or specific kind of project presented. Keep in mind to always keep your audience wanting more. Not all Facebook ads need to be linked, the perfect recipe is with your branding. With the perfect branding, you catch the eye of a specific audience. Use visuals, like cool memes, etc. To tell the story about your product to sell it. By using all kinds of digital marketing strategies, you can target competitor audiences. Create Digital ads for various crowds don’t be stuck with 1 product or 1 service. This can be done with all Digital marketing platforms as previously mentioned.

Some platforms are free, and some are premium payable. Digital marketing is so easy to get the attention of people who is not Tec savvy. Facebook and Instagram are used by more than 2.26 billion people in the world. Digital marketing allows any small businesses to compete with a much smaller advertising budget, If and when managed correctly and effectively, it gives them control over where and how they spend their money and time.

When you have this kind of control and the data to support decisions, you make smarter and successful decisions. Digital Marketing is a legitimate way to tell the world about your services and products. So digital marketing is explainable to the unknown.