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Why Personalized Marketing Is The Future

How many times do you open an email from a favorite brand and immediately delete it because it’s not relevant? Well, you’re not alone. According to a survey from Epsilon, around 63% of us get annoyed at the way companies continue to repeatedly send out the same generic advertising.

But of the 1000 18-64-year-old consumers they spoke too 80% of people said they were more likely to buy from companies that could offer them more personalized service. And a staggering 90% of people said they find a personalized service appealing.

Couple that with the fact that in today’s day and age where we are very much trying to keep our personal information concealed more than 50% of people spoken to said they would be more than happy to hand over personal information as long as it was used to benefit them.

It’s no surprise that big businesses have already seen this trend and are already actively using it to their advantage. We need to look no further than Netflix and their Netflix Tonight emails. They use data from what you have already watched with them and what you have added to your future watch list, they run it through their algorithms and then send you an email with suggestions or similar tv shows or films they think you will like. And they must be getting it right as this has gone down extremely well with their customers.

Next, we should look at Amazon. They see what you’ve been browsing on their site and then send you an email saying as you looked at x product we think you may also like these similar products. It seems to work well for them as it seems they are going from strength to strength.

Another way this can be used is in an upsell capacity. If we use a holiday company as an example. You go to them and book a flight, they realize that you will almost certainly need other things such as a hotel, foreign currency, holiday insurance ,and even day trips. So if they send you an email based around these things and the place you are flying to they are more likely to get you to click through and see what they have to offer.

Easyjet did something similar recently. They looked at where their customers had traveled too and sent them an email saying as you’ve visited these places we think you would enjoy going here. They reported an increase of 25% on customer click-throughs.

Another great way this can work is if a customer has bought a product from you, sending them a follow-up email with various accessories for the unit and other products that work with it that they may not be aware of shows them that you are thinking of them as individuals. In the same vein if they’ve purchased a product in the past and a new version has been released if you tell them about it they will see you as adding value and anticipating their needs.

And in today’s world where people are constantly shopping around showing then that they are important to you will help you get future business and help you make consumers stay loyal to you and your brand.

In an ever-evolving world, we need to do everything we can to stay in front and center in our customer’s minds. And as the big businesses are showing us this is a great way to do just that. So next time you are thinking of promoting a new product why not look at tailoring your message to your customers and sending them more personalized marketing, I’m sure that it will give you a greater success rate than you get now.