10 Important Factors to Measure and Analyze in a Website

In this era of cut throat competition online businesses need tools and techniques to analyse and measure their success rate. This way they can improve their performance. By analyzing and measuring their performance they can adjust their strategies to get back on track. Google analytics and other monitoring tools can unlock the true potential of an online business.

Here are a few important things to measure and analyze in SEO:

  1. Website’s Traffic – Access Google Analytics to measure and analyze your traffic sources. You should compare weekly and monthly progress of your campaign to understand the impact of your SEO activities. Google Analytics is the most reliable tool to study various elements that need to be focused to improve SEO activities.
  2. Engagement – Access “Roadmap” to perform competitive analysis as well as gap analysis. This tool is helpful to understand the rate of engagement, bounce rate, historic and trending data of top performing websites.
  3. Conversion rate – An online business completely depends on its conversion rate; so always keep your eyes on lead generation as well as organic traffic. (How to Make A Website Professional and Productive?)
  4. Landing pages – It is important to identify which landing pages are driving traffic for your website. This will help you to optimize other pages also. So, use Google Analytics to study the impact of your landing pages.
  5. Search visibility – Always check search visibility to understand your website’s organic performance. You can use “Searchmetrics” to monitor it.
  6. Website’s ranking speed – Use “SEMrush” to check your website’s ranking speed. It shows everything in graphical form for better understanding. It is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing.
  7. Rankings and keywords – Monitor your rankings and keywords with the help of Search Analytics in Google Webmaster Tool. This section shows you a detailed list of keywords and total number of clicks they have achieved.
  8. Backlinks – Use majestic SEO because it is a powerful tool to check your backlinks and other backlink building opportunities.
  9. Keyword’s performance – Use Ahrefs because this is an effective tool to check your website’s backlinks, organic traffic, keyword’s performance, content marketing efforts and much more.
  10. Technical issues – You should address all technical issues of the website to make it competitive and free from errors. (Tip – Try to reduce 302 redirects and remove duplicate content.)

Consider these important elements to measure; analyze and improve your SEO efforts.