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10 Smart Product Promotion Strategies for Online Businesses

Product promotion is a daunting task because it requires highly focused promotional strategies and revenue generation model. Businesses use both online and off line promotional strategies in order to raise product awareness, increase their sales, reap profits and create brand loyalty. However, online product promotion is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most businesses fail to attract customers and succumb to the tough competition.

Here are a few smart product promotion strategies for online businesses:

  1. Email Marketing – This is one of the most powerful marketing methods that acquire the maximum number of customers. Use email marketing to inform your customers, raise awareness and improve sales.
  2. Write blogs – Blogging is the finest way to promote your product. You can discuss your product’s features, benefits and other distinguishing aspects. (Tip – Blogging drives search engine traffic and attracts customers.)
  3. Start affiliate programs – Add an affiliate program to your online store for maximum possible revenues. This is beneficial when you have less time and resources to invest.
  4. Write a press release – A Press release gives instant exposure to your products or services. Press releases help you to reach out widely distributed customers.
  5. Use Periscope – This is a thriving social media network that has the ability to lure customers and get your words out. (Tip – Use it to offer a demo of your product.)
  6. Pinterest – This is a great place to promote your product. You can build your own community and extend your network.
  7. Use Facebook’s paid ads – Facebook has the largest community, so it’s better to choose its paid ads for instant exposure of your products and sales. These ads are highly effective.
  8. Uncrate – Uncrate is a leading online buyer’s guide for men. With over 9,000 items covered and more than 1.5 million monthly readers, it is the finest product curation website. (Tip – Get your product featured on Uncrate for significant leads.)
  9. Instagram – Use it to share your product’s photos and videos. It offers an excellent opportunity to online stores to attract new customers.
  10. YouTube – Create exceptional videos of your products and upload them to YouTube for the maximum possible reach.

Quick facts:

  • 80 million people read news online, every day.
  • Instagram has more than 500 million active users in a month.
  • Instagram is an image-based social platform, so, share quality images.
  • YouTube has 490 million users worldwide.
  • YouTube is localized in 25 countries in 43 languages.


Follow these strategies and improve brand’s identity. The time and place is here and now, just go for it…