4 SEO Tricks and Techniques to Gain Unprecedented Results

Whatever the size of your online business, you can always use the power and effectiveness of SEO. For small businesses, SEO could be the best online marketing tool.

Here are a few SEO tricks to follow:

Add certain essential elements

If you are an e-commerce site owner, you must implement certain essential elements to your website to make it productive, effective and attractive. These elements are:

  • Add to cart” button

  • Wish list

  • Share this page” button

You need to:

  • Simplify your checkout process.

  • Add suitable call-to-actions.

  • Use high-quality product descriptions.

  • Use beautiful product images.

  • Focus on shopping cart abandonment.

  • Provide discounts and offers (if possible).

Improve site’s accessibility

Marketers should understand the importance of making their website usable and accessible. For that, they need to emphasise the site’s health.


  • Check for 404 pages and other related errors.

  • Use Schema markup.

  • Check that robots.txt is working properly.

  • Make sure that robots.txt contains the sitemap URL.

  • Use structured data testing tools.

  • Use absolute URLs.

  • Create simple but effective site’s structure. (use https://writemaps.com/)

  • Check links for broken or multiple redirects.

  • Check the quality of images and videos before uploading them.

  • Optimize for page load speed.

Use Google Search Console

Step up your game by using Google Search Console to measure the performance of your website.


  • Set your preferred domain to gain prominence.

  • Focus on HTML improvements to get good rankings.

  • Always check for manual actions.

  • Never ignore crawl errors.

  • Fix 404 errors.

  • Carefully use H1 – H6 tags.

  • Use Google’s site speed test tool.

Set up analytics

If you are not using analytic, you are missing something. It shows strong and weak web pages and allows you to take immediate action to improve the overall performance of their website.

You need to:

  • Measure and improve your SEO efforts.

  • Set goals.

  • Focus on conversion goals and funnels.

  • Never ignore event tracking.

  • Track users across multiple devises and sessions.

  • Segment users based on their behaviour.

  • Always calculate page views, bounce rate, sessions, average time on page and traffic sources.

  • Develop a conversion tracking strategy.

Bonus tips:

  • Keep an eye on Google updates.

  • Use hreflang tags if your website is for international users.

  • Always use canonical tags to avoid potential problems.

  • Focus on conversational search. (Conversational search is a new kind of philosophy for human/computer interaction. The principle behind conversational search is that a user can speak a sentence into a device, and that device can respond with a full sentence. – Techopedia)

Leave no stone unturned, use the above mentioned SEO tricks to gain awesome results.