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5 steps to becoming an Instagram influencer

I am sure many of you have spent your break sipping on a cup of tea and flicking through Instagram on your phone to check out the latest on the #mondaymotivation feed. Have you ever wondered about the lives of those people who are promoting the things you love to look at so much? What about becoming one of those people yourself? If you fancy switching out your desk job for one with a bit more pizazz, here are the 5 steps to becoming an Instagram influencer.

First step: be good at something

The simple truth is, if you aren’t particularly talented in something then you are not cut out to be an influencer. That being said, people are always good at something so it is up to you to figure out what that is.

When you have found something that you are good at, you will probably find a whole bunch of people out there who are also super interested in that thing. That thing might be makeup, fashion, traveling to undiscovered locations, etc.

Second step: build a following

The best way to build a following is post regularly about your topic. Don’t over complicate things when it comes to what you post, instead keep it on topic and be yourself. If you are posting something that interests the people you are targeting, they will respond with following you.

If you want to build up a buzz, consider doing a publicity stunt, completing a challenge or having a competition. That way you can raise some interest in your account and get more followers.

Third step: contact other influencers

Try to look for influencers in the same field as you and contact them to see about producing shared content. This will give them the chance to diversify what they are offering to their followers and you will benefit from some exposure.

If things go well, you will gain a lot of their followers to your account. Just make sure what you offer the influencer is worth it to them. Get creative and you will be surprised how willing other influencers are to help out another of their kind.

Fourth step: get a decent photo editor

Instagram is all about drop-dead gorgeous images that we all lust over and wonder why our real lives our not like those of our favorite Instagram stars.

How do you make those attention-grabbing images yourself? You need to head to the app store and download one of the many photo editing apps. Make sure to edit every picture by cropping it, changing the exposure so you get that gorgeous glow and playing around with the adjustments to get it looking picture perfect. Voila! A draw-dropping picture to make you some Insta gold.

Fifth step: Use hashtags

Hashtags are essential. Use a hashtag search tool to find the most relevant ones for your topic and then include at least 30 of them on every post.

Use full stops to push them further down the page so you don’t look desperate. Using hashtags is essential to be able to get yourself known by the audience of people you are looking to influence.

See, it couldn’t be simpler to start on the way to becoming Instagram royalty. As with anything, what you do depends on how well the audience you are talking to respond to it. If you are authentic and interesting, they won’t be able to keep away.