8 Incredible SEO tactics for SEO professionals

SEO is all about understanding your audiences as well as search engines. SEO includes everything from website design, content marketing, website auditing to optimization. However, in order to gain visibility, online businesses must invest significant time and resources to understand:

  • what people really need,
  • how they use search engines,
  • concept and layout of search results,
  • how crawling, indexing and ranking works,
  • concept of data retrieval,
  • above all, how algorithms work, etc.

On the basis of this concept various types of SEO techniques have been developed. Here are a few important SEO tactics that can make your website valuable:

  1. Page quality – High quality content improves website’s authoritativeness as well as trustworthiness. Therefore, you should always focus on improving the overall quality of your web pages. For that, you need to write relevant and high quality content.
  2. Include complete information – Google gives preference to informative content. So, make sure that your website provides complete, sensible, and factual information to its users.  
  3. Use sidebars – Use it as an additional section to provide important tips or techniques or other valuable information to your users. It makes your web page much stronger and useful.
  4. Page design – Relevant information is as important as a website’s functionality, so choose a unique page design having extraordinary features and functionality.
  5. Mobile optimization – Mobile is all over the place. So, make your website mobile friendly and optimize it accordingly.
  6. Avoid keyword stuffing – Keyword stuffing irritates users as well as search engines. So, pay meticulous attention to your keyword density across your website.
  7. Remove duplicate pages – Try to keep your website distinctive by removing duplicate pages. Duplicate pages may annoy your users and can attract penalty from search engines.
  8. Focus on important technical aspects – Always focus on anchor texts, inbound and outbound links, “follow” and “nofollow” tags as well as broken links. (Tip – Fix broken links immediately).

Quick facts:

  • According to a study, 72% of online users click on the first link of interest and 25.5% read all listing on the first page.
  • 85% of online users click on natural results.
  • SEO is the key to success for online business owners.
  • 76% of marketers use Social Media to support and boost SEO.

So, use these important SEO tactics to improve your website’s visibility as well as value.