9 Best SEO Techniques to Improve Your Content Marketing Practices

Sharing of knowledge and improving the experience of customers are critical for the success of any business. Today, more and more companies use content marketing to improve the understanding of their customers. With a unique blend of content writing, publishing and syndication framework, they reap tangible benefits. However, a careful SEO planning and an in-depth conceptual analysis are also required for successful content marketing practices.

This article outlines a strategic SEO approach with intelligent techniques that businesses can adopt to seamlessly improve their content marketing efforts.

  1. Keyword research – Always choose right keywords to increase your chances of winning the game. You need to research and invest a lot of time to understand industry concepts. Use both short and long-tail keywords for an added advantage. (Tip – Use Google’s Keyword Planner or KeywordDiscovery.com according to your comfort level.)
  2. Never ignore on-page basics – Create useful and relevant title tags and Meta descriptions to guide users as well as search engines. This will help you to improve the visibility of your content. (Tip – Make better title tags and Meta descriptions to improve your website’s click-through rates.)
  3. Optimize your images –Optimize your site’s images to drive more traffic. (Tip – Give title to every image and use Alt tags.)
  4. Focus on internal linking – Internal links help you to establish information hierarchy, improve content’s visibility and usability of your website. (Tip – Use internal linking sensibly to the performance of your site.)
  5. Use breadcrumbs – These are the navigational links that highlight the path to reach a specific web page. (Tip – Use Breadcrumbs to guide your users as well as search engines.)
  6. Be unique – Never promote duplicate content because it can damage your reputation. Always write fresh and unique content to attract the maximum number of users. This will improve your content’s visibility.
  7. Fix broken links – To improve the experience of your readers, remove all the broken links and update your blog. (Tip – Use Broken Link Checker to identify broken links present on your blog.)
  8. Use Buffer – This platform helps to schedule, publish and analyse your posts at one place.
  9. Use ContentTools.co – This tool is helpful in creating interactive content like quizzes, micro-sites, and infographics to capture leads and engage audiences.

So, use these strategic SEO techniques to improve your content marketing practices and build your brand.

Quick tips:

  • Use Feedly or Inoreader to improve the visibility of your content.

Quick facts:

  • 60% of all organic clicks go to the top 3 search results.
  • 74% of prospects choose the first company that helped them during their buying journey.