A few simple SEO Techniques to Achieve Qualitative Backlinks

Since the dawn of internet marketing, online businesses have engaged in an endless quest for visibility and traffic. Fortunately, both these elements can be achieved by building a good backlink profile. However, businesses often struggle to achieve relevant backlinks and fail to gain the desirable visibility and traffic. Therefore, they should apply proven SEO techniques to achieve quality backlinks for their website.

Here are a few simple SEO techniques to achieve quality backlinks:

  • Blogging – It is a fact that regular blogging improves a site’s visibility, traffic as well as backlinks. So, write blog regularly.
  • Offer free resources – Always try to provide useful and insightful information to your users. You can provide e-books, whitepapers, case studies, tutorials and other helpful resources. This is the finest way to gain backlinks.
  • Write press releases – Write and publish press releases on a regular basis to get backlinks. Use high quality press release submission sites for more visibility and traffic.
  • Create infographics – To gain quality backlinks, create and share your infographics on trending topics, tips, and guidelines that can help your users. This ensures high-quality backlinks to your site.
  • Visual representation – Develop charts, statistics, presentations and visually appealing PDFs and share them on social media sites to achieve links.
  • Use Content curation tools – Use powerful content curation tools to save interesting articles, images, presentations, videos and share them on social sites.
  • Evaluate your industry thoroughly – Analyze your industry and craft your content accordingly. This will ensure high-quality backlinks to your site.
  • Write guest posts –Guest post and blogging can get quality backlinks.
  • Use powerful tools – Use various effective tools to analyse and improve your link profile. (Tip – Use majestic tool to identify your backlinks.)
  • Choose paid content distribution sites – Gain the maximum attention of your users by selecting paid distribution sites.

So, write quality content to achieve backlinks.

Quick Facts:

  • Companies that blog on a regular basis have up to 97% more backlinks.
  • Publish newsletters to increase your site’s traffic and backlinks.
  • Content marketing is a fundamental link-building approach.