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Accelerate your SEO Ranking with Strategic Techniques

If you think that SEO is all about meta title and description; think again, it is more than that.

Here are a few strategies to achieve the expected yields:

Focus on website’s usability

According to Wikipedia, web usability is the ease of use of a website. Some broad objectives of usability are the presentation of information and choices in a clear and concise way, a lack of ambiguity and the placement of important items in appropriate areas.

Tips –

  • Create memorable logo as well as website design

  • Organise and format content

  • Create “About us” and “FAQ” pages

  • Simplify navigation

  • Improve page load speed

  • Don’t use frames

  • Always use fresh and modern template

  • Fix broken links

  • Focus on consistency of message and website architecture

Benefits –

  • Increases user engagement

  • Improves conversion and ROI

Create better content (Mediocre content will hurt your cause – Moz)

Nobody will cling to your content, if it isn’t useful. As a marketer, you must focus on the overall dwell time. (Dwell time is a relevance indicator measuring the time the user remains at a search result after a click – Wikipedia.) It will help you to craft relevant content for your users.

Tips –

  • Invest time and efforts in ideation and research

  • Create, test and optimise content at regular intervals

  • Incorporate outbound links to make your content more useful and relevant

  • Create strong headlines

  • Focus on both developmental and copy editing

  • Rely on visual representations of data

  • Wisely use keywords

  • Consistently create gifs, quizzes and polls, maps, as well as inforgraphics

  • Write actionable, factual and compelling content

Pay attention to broken links

According to Computer Hope, a broken link or a dead link is a link on a web page that no longer works. Broken links not only degrade the overall experience of users, but also make your website weak, lowers conversions and have impact on the reputation of your website.

Tips –

  • Find and fix broken links

  • Use Xenu Link Sleuth

  • Decide redirection

  • Understand CMS

  • Check your website in Google Webmaster Tools

Email marketing

Many marketers believe that it is time killing but, in reality, it is a key to success.

Tips –

  • Create an opt-in offer

  • Invest in high quality design

  • Create a clean and clear call-to-action button

  • Create, send, and track emails regularly

  • Use email marketing software

Well begun is half done. Use the above mentioned strategies to grow and prosper.