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Advertising through social networks and monetizing your blog content

In this short post, I want to cover two general and fundamentally important topics that are basically for understanding how online sales and promotions work. This two important topics will be relevant for you if you want to increase sales of your products with the help of social networks and also if you are interested in monetizing the content of your blog including understanding the basic mechanisms of sales using your own or someone else web-blog.

First of all, it is important to understand that advertising of your product through social networks could be possibly the most efficient way to increase sales because social networks are universally and the most widely used mechanisms of communication nowadays. The most popular way to promote your product is through event marketing or hiring an influential social network personality. The former one means creating real event such as free distribution of your product combined with hiring an influential (with a lot of subscribers) social network personality. For example, it could be an Instagram superstar, a famous musician or a soccer player, who will make a funny video using your product and showing positive sides of it. Also, it is important to understand that you can use what is called event marketing when you create Facebook event and try to boost it using provided online advertising tools by the corporation itself. Using these tools you need to know very good your target audience because settings of the online campaign will heavily depend on such things as age group, geographic location, etc. So, hiring a market research specialist who will understand the consumer of your product is an essential one to succeed in this enterprise.

Second of all, if you think about using yours or someone else blog then you should understand that social networks developed from regular web-blogs. It means that there are common mechanisms between blogs and social networks. However, blogs have certain differences such as you have opportunity to put google ads advertisements making an opportunity to monetize your content or you can also pay popular bloggers (influencers), the same thing as in social networks, to advertise your product. Google ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google corporation. This is the easiest way to get money from your blog because they pay you money for each click on the ad that you put on your website. The cost of a click depends on the country of the origin, where a person that clicks comes from, so the clicks from the wealthiest countries (with the highest consumer power) will have the highest revenue.

All-in-all, you should understand very well this basic knowledge about mechanisms of advertising through social networks and blogs, because this is the most efficient means to deliver your product to the customers. Everything now is all about important influential bloggers or social network personalities which is the same thing. However, I would assume that in web-blogs text plays a much more important role than in social networks where images play a crucial role.