Is anyone reading my blog?

We are asked this question on a regular basis. And the answer is, yes. Even if you only have a few readers, you can be assured that your blog is being read. You may not have comments posted on your articles, and you may not be seeing your articles being shared, but that does not mean you are talking to yourself!

If you do feel that your blog is going un-noticed, here are some simple tips to help you spread the word about it and encourage more readers. First, some home truths…

Blogs are read and followed when they are good, interesting, amusing, engaging, and regular. If your blog does not meet at least three of the above attributes, then it may be time to revamp and redesign, improving your approach in the process. If your blog is not being read, be honest with yourself and ask yourself why.

When you post a new blog article, what do you do with it? You should be sharing the link on all your social media. It may take some time but this will result in articles being read. Don’t rely on readers coming back. Post the links a few times and every time there is a new article, post the link.

Link your blog to your website. There are many excellent blogging platforms out there, like Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress. However, we believe that the best SEO results are gained when the blog is part of the website. This is true for all sorts of websites, not just commercial ones. It is one of the reasons why WordPress has become such a popular platform for website building as well as blogging.

Although they have been around for a long time, we still see signs that people do not fully understand what a blog is. It is also fair to say that many people are not fully aware of how dramatically blogs have changed in recent years. Your blog is not necessarily a diary. Blogs are not only the domain of ‘stay at home mums’ who have something to say.

They are a device which allows millions of people to share their opinions, ideas, hobbies, thoughts, and activities. For businesses, a blog is place where a relationship can be built with a reader and a customer. Blogs can also develop over time and become a bank of knowledge and advice.

Think about what you are trying to achieve with your own blog, and what you are attempting to say. A clear purpose and goal for your blog will reflect in your writing and as a result, it will be attractive to the right people.

If you have the budget, it is worth promoting your blog via social media adverts or PPC. Another great way to increase your readership is to set up some guest blogging spots on other popular sites. Readers who like what you have to say could very well start to follow you as a result.

Above all, don’t give up. If you have a purpose and are adding something new to the information out there, you will attract readers and there is no reason your blog won’t be read.