Basics of a Wonderful SEO

  • Do you want to achieve good rankings?

  • Want to combine different SEO techniques to gain an edge?

If yes, read this article:

Search engine works in 3 stages:

  • Crawling – where content is discovered;

  • Indexing, where it is analysed and stored in huge databases;

  • Retrieval, where a user query fetches a list of relevant pages. (source: makeuseof)

So, an understanding of the search engines makes you devise an effective strategy for your campaign.

Here are a few basic SEO techniques to consider:


Search engines are designed to provide relevant or accurate result of a query. That is why, it is important to keep the website as well as its content relevant.

Here are a few ways to create relevant content:

  • Start with a customer persona (classify audiences)

  • Understand user’s intent

  • Create a list of keywords

  • Use SEO

  • Use keywords in your meta description

  • Write crisp meta descriptions

  • Write high quality content

Improve the quality of your content

To gain the attention of users as well as search engines, it is crucial to write quality, fresh and original content. So, create and publish useful articles, videos, PDFs, presentations, infographics, e-books or other types of content for your users.

Here are a few ways to create high quality content:

  • Use visual content because it outperforms text-only content in terms of attracting inbound links.

  • Use proper grammar and spellings. (proofread and edit your content)

  • Make your content factual.

  • Choose a trendy topic.

  • Try to solve the problem of users

  • Make use of internal and external links.

Focus on user’s experience

SEO is all about making a website user friendly. Hence, make your website easily navigable, and searchable with relevant internal linking.

Here are a few benefits of providing the best user experience:

  • Use a simple and intuitive website’s template.

  • Remove coding errors.

  • Use responsive website design.

  • Help your user to take particular actions.

  • Make sure your website is safe.

Website’s speed

In today’s fast digital environment, it is important a make a fast website so that it can load quickly and save the time of users. If possible, make use of Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP).

Here are a few ways to improve the speed of a website:

  • Minimise HTTP Requests.

  • Streamline the number of elements on your page.

  • Use CSS instead of images whenever possible.

  • Reduce server response time.

  • Combine multiple style sheets into one.

  • Use Gzip format. According to Yahoo, this can reduce download time by 70%.

Bonus tips:

  • Create sitemaps using
  • Use robots.txt.

  • Write rich and interesting meta descriptions.

  • Register your website with Google My Business.

  • Use high-quality social media sites.

  • Use Google analytics.

  • Write evergreen content.

  • Improve mobile targeting and analyse click-through rates.

  • Use alt attributes.

  • Use schema markup using
  • Build high-quality backlinks.

  • Take advantage of powerful data mining tools.

So, follow the above mentioned SEO techniques to gain an edge.