How to boost SEO with a weekly email blast

Do you send out an email blast to existing customers and people on your mailing list? If you do, here are some tips to help you use this type of communication to boost activity on your website and positively influence your rankings on search engines.

If you follow our blog you will know we are firm believers in using many different tactics to boost SEO. This is one of them. It costs nothing, takes a few minutes, and makes a huge difference.

If there is news to share on an email blast, most companies will write about it. Unfortunately, this approach is preventing them from encouraging a visit to their website. Instead of writing the news, make your email blast a selection of links to news features on your website.

For example, if you want customers to know about a new product, don’t write about it. Create a short, engaging paragraph and add an image and a link directly to the product information on your website.

If you are running an event and promoting tickets for it, don’t tell people all the details on the email. Instead, write a brief summary and leave out the main details giving them the option to click the link for more information.

The idea is to make your email a collection of little windows to further content, rather than a page full of content. It will immediately result in an increase in visits to your site.

We’ve tried and tested this method and it works every time. It is especially powerful for special offers, competitions and new products. It is also an excellent way of making it easy for customers to buy. As most retailers will tell you, the more time a customer has to think about a purchase and consider their options, the less likely they are to buy. To catch the impulse buyers, make sure your emails have the links taking them straight to where they need to be to click ‘Buy now’.

Email blasts are also great ways to boost social media followings and to promote any of your website pages. If you want a great example of this type of email, sign up for Mashable emails and look at how they do it. Their emails are simple, eye-catching, and to the point. Each news item is a link directly to their website. It’s as simple as that. It is one of the ways they successfully grew their following and their business. And it is a method they continue to use to very good effect.