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Branded content and how it can help you gain more prospect clients

One of the most used marketing strategy when it comes to increasing brand awareness and lead generation is branded content.

The expression “branded content” is pretty much new, but there are still many confusions around it and sometimes it is confused with other connected strategies.

  • Definition:  Branded content is one of many marketing strategies that involves creating content linked to a brand that allows consumers to make the connection between the brand and the content.

Let`s take in more detail the definition and let`s characterize ten main specifics of branded content:

  • branded content can develop unique and relevant content that will call the reader to action. This will enable brands to maximise the potential of their brands.
  • branded content have the strength to find the right approach at the right time. A successful match between the published content and the advertiser’s brand and a considerable positive image of the brand arises.
  • branded content in a natural way is linked to brand preference and brand consideration. This will compensate image transfer which will influence the brand experience content and context.
  • branded content call for dialogue and awareness about the brand. This will influence the crowd of potential customers and trigger conversation about the brand.
  • branded content creates value for the consumer. Commonly consumers think of advertising that is the cost they pay to go through the content that interests the consumer, but the value approach in the form of amusement, enjoyment, and fun.
  • branded content recourse to emotions. Use of emotions to win about why a brand is better than the competition so will touch the consumer on a more intimate level.
  • branded content sells the consumer a story. This kind of content attempts to tell a representational story of the brand to the consumer, with actors and performers, as well as a beginning, middle, and end.
  • branded content is a very flexible concept. This makes it adaptable to many different formats: video content, podcasts, interactive formats, video games, performs on the street, events or even combine few of them to tell the history of the brand.
  • branded content can be used in many ways. There are many various paths to spread it, from the utilisation of social media networks through to the brand’s website.
  • branded content may be made together. This is very common for brands to bring different parties together like a company or a group of customers, to collaborate to produce remarkable outcome content. The collaboration may not end there, the brand can ask the consumers themselves to tell their stories about the brand and to get involved with brand interaction and providing content.

Brands can gain many advantages of branded content. Because branded content is not intrusive, it seems to attract consumers naturally and make them want to get closer to our brand. If the best-branded contents put in place, it is capable of telling stories that incite the consumers and related emotions with the brand will make consumers remember it for a long time.

Although, if all specifics above referred will not work for the brand at least it can help to promote traffic on the brand`s website.

Used well, branded content becomes a seamless fit with your strategy.