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Content Marketing to help with SEO

Content marketing is the art of using your content to effectively market your business. This is something that is increasingly important online, especially with the wide use of social media which is reliant on high quality content. It is also even more important in terms of SEO because the recent Google algorithms have all been designed to improve the quality of content and to reward high quality content instead of quantity in order to rise in the rankings.

Start to follow some popular blogs and social media pages to identify and learn what really good content looks like, how it is written and what types of content attract the most followers and interactive responses. This is the key to content marketing. There is little point in having high quality content if no one is reading it!

Here are some great tips to help you improve your content in order to boost your SEO –
Make sure your website is the highest quality possible. Bad websites put people off there is no doubt about it. Instead, take the time and invest money in ensuring you work with a great web developer to help you create the very best website you can afford. Remember this is not just about how the website looks. It is also about ensuring the content is correct and relevant, that the website is easy to use and that all the information a customer needs is there, just a few clicks away.

Communicate regularly with your customers and be consistent. Setting everything up and starting off with regular posts but then forgetting about it or ignoring it will lose you followers and harm your reputation as a trusted and reliable source of good quality information and unique content.

Unique content is the foundation too. You must make sure your content adds to what is already online. Don’t be tempted to rewrite the same thing over and over again. Instead take the time to develop and write unique articles that are helpful, informative and which give your readership an insight they may not have had before. Even if it is information that has been written about online already, you can always find a way to make it unique and align it with your own brand.

Planning is also essential and important in terms of how things are laid out and how often you share content. What you are aiming for is regular posts that are not too often and not too many either. Planning your posts on your website, blog and all your social media platforms will allow you to keep everything flowing in a natural way and avoid too much content looking like spam. What Google is looking for is natural traffic that is being attracted from a variety of different people and places online, all using your urls and interacting and engaging with your content. This is what you need in order to positively influence your SEO.