Content Marketing will directly influence your SEO

If you follow our blogs and articles you will already know that we are great advocates of high quality content. As professional SEO and internet marketing specialists, it is our job to help clients boost their rankings with all the major search engines.

We believe that without excellent content, long lasting and effective SEO is extremely difficult, if not almost impossible. Here’s why –

Bad websites – Attracting visitors to a website is not that hard. This can be done with a variety of tactics like PPC, banner ads, and traditional advertising and marketing campaigns. The art however, is to keep the new visitors, and convert them into customers and brand advocates. In order to do this, the website content has to be right. Too many bad websites fail as soon as they attract a new visitor simply because their sites have not been well-designed and developed. Get your website content right and you will have a better chance of keeping visitors for longer, and converting them. If you have not updated your website content for more than two months then you need to urgently arrange for someone help you refresh it by writing fresh content.

Radio silence – There’s no point investing in an online marketing campaign, or building a state of the art website, once this is done, of you remain quiet and ignore your visitors and customers, your sales will surely go down. Once a website has attracted a healthy following, time and effort is required to maintain interest, encourage continued engagement and keep the rankings up. They can sink as quickly as they can go up. This is where content comes in again. You create content which can be shared regularly and used to inform, enlighten and entertain your audience. This is made even more powerful when you create content suitable for a variety of platforms.

Follow a map – Trying to build a following or increase your customer base without a strong brand message and a marketing plan is rather like driving around a city, with no satnav and a blindfold. You’ll definitely get lost and are likely to crash into obstructions! Internet marketing is not just about purchasing advertising. It is about promoting every aspect of your business and brand in as many ways as possible. It is also about creating focussed campaigns and getting the timing of your promotions right. For this reason, a plan is essential. By planning your activities, you are planning and guiding your content. After all, every type of communication is a form of content. Understanding your goals and aims, and then setting timely targets and milestones will help you to achieve your objectives and adjust activity along the way.

A little help from friends – Small business owners are often responsible for many key roles – they are the CEO, the PA, the sales person, the marketing manager, the IT expert, the financial accountant, the customer service assistant, the sales clerk and now they are the content writer too! That’s a whole lot of work for one person. No-one can do everything all the time. By working with the best people, you can ease the burden, get the job done and give yourself time to create excellent content. You don’t need to employ additional staff full time. SEO and content marketing experts can be contracted on a project by project basis. This will keep your costs down while maximising your return on investment. You can also cleverly create content which turns your followers and customers into advocates for you. They will spread the word and do the job of promotion for you, without even realising they are doing it! Just one customer who posts, “This is great! You can buy it here!” is worth ten expensive adverts.