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Converting visitors is not easy but here are some easy tips to help you

We are often approached by clients with a simple request – please convert the visitors to my website!

This is not as simple as it sounds, as many of you who have a website will know. Attracting visitors to a site involves one set of tactics, and then keeping them and converting them into customers involves quite another. Without going in to the inner workings for marketing, we want to share some simple ways you can contribute to the conversion rate you are currently getting on your website.

Once your site has been properly optimized it will be more visible and attractive to the spiders. At this point, with a range of tactics and good content, you can start to attract new visitors. Once you have the new visitors, you need to keep them.

Here’s how

Make sure you are attracting the right target audience. If you are attracting the wrong demographic, they are not likely to want what you are selling. This is where solid market research comes in. You must know your customer and know what they are looking for. Keywords on relevant pages will get them in the door, but presenting what they want, and projecting your brand in a way that will attract them is what makes conversions.

Spend time choosing the right language, design and images that will attract your audience. For example, a male target audience will be attracted to very different features than a young female audience. If you get to know your audience you are more likely to effectively catch them, and land them too!

Rigorously test your website. Is it easy to navigate? One of the simplest errors is that businesses expect visitors to go through too many stages before they see the product. A strong call to action and the ability to dive right in and spend quickly will reap rewards. This does not mean you are doing a hard sell. In fact, a hard sell will back fire. What you are attempting is to make the path toward the till as easy and engaging as possible so that they follow the path. Think about Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. All she had to do was follow the yellow brick road. You can give your visitors a similar experience with clear buttons like, Shop Here, Browse Catalogue, or View Collection.

Hot links, or quick links, get people to where you want them to be, and where they need to be – in a position to buy. Make your brand, your products and your message clear. Don’t be ambiguous or make it hard for a visitor to understand what they are looking at.

Many website owners are tempted to indulge in fancy images, animations and high-end design. This is good, but make sure it really will help you. All these things take time to load and there is a danger a visitor will just get bored and click off. A balance is required. Well-designed websites with a strong, clear layout and attractive elements will fare much better than highly designed and stylised sites. All the best sales men will say selling is about providing customers with the solution to their problems, the answers to their questions, and the fulfilment of their aspirations. Make sure your website does this for every visitor, in around two or three clicks and you will see your conversion rate dramatically rise.