Developing an SEO-friendly Website for Online Prominence

Developing a website is easy; making it SEO friendly is somewhat difficult because it involves an in-depth understanding of search engine optimisation concepts and technical know-how.

It is a fact that there are various factors involved in the process of website development. Hence, you should balance them and make sure that search engines can find and crawl your website.

Use HTML text format

You must use HTML text format for your users as well as search engines. Because HTML text format is the best way to get your websites indexed and crawled by search engines. You also need to pay attention to all the images of your website and label them. Some developers go for flash, however, it is not good when it comes to SEO.

Search engines use links to…

It is a well-established fact that search engines use links to discover and crawl web pages as well as websites. So, it is advisable to use internal linking structure on your website. It will not only help search engines to crawl your website, but also improve your rankings. Poor navigation structure restricts search engines to crawl a website, hence, use simple and intuitive navigation structure to assist search engines.

Sitemap protocol

Sitemap is quite important when it comes to SEO. In fact, it is one of the best ways to supply search engines with a complete list of URLs so that they can crawl and index them. You can also use XML sitemaps to resolve content duplicate issues.

Of course, it needs technical knowledge to develop a sitemap, that’s why it is good idea to ask developers to create it. You can also use a wide range of sitemap generators. For better output, you should create mobile sitemaps, video sitemaps, and image sitemaps. It will ensure better visibility of your website across the web.

Once you develop a sitemap for your website, it’s the time to upload it on the website. You should also upload the same to the Google Search Console. After that frequently check it as well as keep it updated all the time.

In a nutshell, make sure you create a logical, meaningful and simple structure of your website to gain prominence.