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Don’t apologize for your marketing

We are seeing a growing trend amongst online businesses. They are increasingly being apologetic about the nature of selling. It seems that many businesses are reacting to an increasingly anti-marketing consumer, by almost pretending not to be selling. And instead, they are taking a far more apologetic route in their tone and approach.

What we have noticed is that this tactic is back-firing for many businesses. Here’s what we think.

Being apologetic about your marketing immediately diminishes your standing as an expert in your field. It portrays a tone of, ‘Sorry to bother you but if you have time and don’t mind would you look at this?’ Surely the more assertive, ‘Hi, we’re really good at this, want to see more?’ is far friendlier, positive, and paints a more professional picture?

You can’t hide the fact that you are a business and that you are selling something. Too many companies are offering ‘free webinars’, ‘free e-books’, ‘free-games’, free, free, free! While this may attract some people, it is not going to ultimately make you money. Only give free things away if you already have a solid following. Free stuff does not always grow a customer base. It just grows a large number of people who want free stuff. Recent statistics reveal that people, who click on links only to find their ‘free item’ is not really free, quickly click away. Likewise, people who get their free items, rarely return to buy anything. They were only there to get the free stuff.

Treat your customers with the respect they deserve!

They know they are consumers, and if you have identified the right target market, they will appreciate learning about your brand. Show them politely what you do, what you are selling, and make it really easy for them to find out more, and to buy. If you follow those over-arching rules in all your internet marketing, you will see much more success.

Don’t hide your identity or pretend to be giving away something for nothing. Present yourself and your brand with pride. Make it a point of pride for people to become your customers. Look at Apple – they successfully entice billions of people to buy the most expensive products on the market – they succeed because they are cool, their products are cool, and customers want what they do. Apple doesn’t give anything way for free, and it does not apologise for who or what it is.

Be proud and show customers what you are really made of!