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Don’t rush internet marketing, choose the right team and make solid plans

The pressures of succeeding online can cause many businesses to make rushed decisions. This is especially true with regard to internet marketing. There are too many horror stories online, of companies who innocently ‘bought’ Facebook and Twitter likes, or who invested in campaigns that amounted to nothing but Black Hat spam that harmed their reputation.

There is a temptation to take short-cuts and hire the first team of ‘professionals’ you find. But you should be careful. Marketing involves the reputation of your brand. Avoid SEO companies who say they can help you to achieve massive results within a short period of time. All may not be as it seems. Look for reviews, portfolios and proof that they are reputable.

Take the time to plan and consider your business needs and aspirations. Identify your budget, and the timescales you need to work to. Do plenty of research and then identify a team who can clearly demonstrate an understanding of the internet today.

The nature of internet marketing means you will more than likely need to commission some professionals to help you.  But you are still in control and should always be part of the process. When we receive new enquiries from potential customers, the first thing we do is explain our methods of working with our clients, so that the tactics we deliver on their behalf are addressing their business needs directly.

We believe that White Hat techniques, strategic planning, and a variety of marketing communications will give the best results. And we also believe that this cannot be done without working closely with the client. The right marketing strategy, developed with the client, can make a huge impact on a company’s visibility online, and its revenue figures.

In such a digital age, we want our services to be something that enhances a business, genuinely helps a client, and always keeps them in the driving seat.

Would you phone a car dealer and buy a car without test driving it first? Or would you send $1000 to a total stranger and ask them to go shopping for you?

Sourcing the right help online can be difficult. Take your time. Find professionals who are interested in working with you, not just selling you their products, or taking your hard earned cash. SEO and internet marketing involves a mutually beneficial relationship between the team and the client.

You are more likely to see the results you are hoping for. And the investment you make will give you a  real return.