Easy and Valuable SEO Techniques

In today’s scenario, SEO techniques can easily improve a website’s rankings and attract visitors. It includes different types of proven techniques such as creating high-quality content, adding relevant tags, optimising a website, fixing issues, making a website fast and much more.

Here are a few proven SEO techniques:

Page titles

Most of the marketers think that title tags do not make any difference; however, it must be noted that title tags attract both users as well as search engines. They should be unique and relevant.


  • Create titles that can describe your page’s content.

  • Create fresh and relevant titles for every page.


It is still the most underutilised element. However, it has its own importance and functionality.


  • Use Robots.txt to block sensitive or confidential files.

  • Always create separate Robots.txt file for subdomains.

  • Use it to block resource files including unimportant image, script, or style files, etc.

  • Understand the limitations of robots.txt file before using it.

  • Learn all the syntax of robots.txt file.

Make use of webmaster tools

If you want to stay ahead in the competition, you need to make good use of webmaster tools.

Use it to:

  • Submit XML sitemap file.

  • Analyse and generate robots.txt file.

  • Set your preferred domain.

  • Identify issues with titles and descriptions.

  • Identify and remove 404 errors.

  • Check bad backlinks as well as quality guidelines.

  • Understand keyword positioning.

Study Google Analytics

If you want to know and understand about the traffic sources, use Google Analytics. It is one of the best tools to analyse site’s performance.


  • Use Google Analytics to understand user’s behaviour.

  • Access it to get complete insight into your website’s traffic sources.

  • Find out the most popular content.

  • Set realistic goals in analytics.

  • Use it to analyse and adjust bounce rate.

  • Review and compare historical data.

Bonus tips:

  • Create two sitemaps – one for users and another for search engines.

  • Use breadcrumbs across the website.

  • Use a high quality Keyword research tool.

  • Use text for navigation.

  • Make good use of blog posts, social media services, email, etc.

  • Use “alt” attribute because it allows you to specify alternative text for an image.

  • Remove duplicate content.

  • Create web pages for users, not for search engines.

  • Stay away from cloaking, hidden text, doorway pages and sneaky redirects.

  • Never use irrelevant keywords to capture wider audience.

  • Always monitor your website for hacking.

  • Build relationships with your users.

  • Use your NAP on Google My Business.

  • Make use of link analysis tools.

  • Remember, quality content is the key to success.

The bottom line is, follow the above mentioned valuable SEO techniques to outrank your competitors.