Easy Lead Generation Ideas for Small Businesses

We all know that the biggest challenge for any small business is to generate leads. They use a great array of online and off line strategies to achieve their objectives. However, they often fail to strike the bull’s eye.


Here are a few easy and simple lead generation ideas for small business owners:


Website design


Website design plays an important role in converting browsers into customers. That is why it is important to choose a simple and attractive website design.




  • Keep the website design simple, flexible, responsive.
  • Always start with a welcome note.
  • Provide complete information to users.
  • Organise and align context on the website and leave space wherever possible.
  • Choose high quality font, images and background.
  • Maintain consistency throughout the website.
  • Communicate business values – mission, vision, objectives, etc.
  • Strategically place headings and subheadings.


Share Case Studies


One of the best ways to share valuable content with your audiences is to create and share case studies.




  • Write actionable and detailed case studies.
  • Follow the standard format.
  • Elaborate solutions.
  • Integrate case studies into your website.



Focus on Quizzes


Quizzes are one of the best lead generation ideas for small businesses. Of course, it takes time and efforts, but can produce great results.




  • Create interactive quizzes according to your target market.
  • Share quizzes on social media channels.
  • Include quizzes in your content marketing strategy.
  • Use high quality quiz creation tools – Testmoz, Gnowledge, etc.


Create presentations


Whether you want to improve your brand awareness or generate leads, you can always rely on presentations.  In fact, it is a cost-effective, efficient and reliable technique to generate leads.




  • Always create an engaging and attractive presentation.
  • Carefully choose a topic.
  • Share your presentation on social media channels.
  • Follow the best practices of creating presentations.
  • Share your presentation in the content sharing community.
  • Submit your presentation on the top websites – slideshare, Scribd.com, slideboom, etc.


Create an Affiliate Program


It is the least understood form of marketing. Of course, it is a bit critical, but can take a business to a new level of excellence. It requires legal documents, proper execution of marketing strategies and lead tracking tools.




  • Strengthen your existing marketing plan before starting an affiliate program.
  • Clearly define your reward programs.
  • Understand how to start affiliate marketing.


Bonus tips:


  • Use testing and measurement tools to find out which tactic is beneficial.
  • Rely on email marketing.
  • Use social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Understand the principles of lead generation techniques.



So, use the above mentioned techniques to generate leads, drive sales and improve return on marketing investment (ROMI).