Easy Tactics to Improve Online Results

SEO has been designed to drive traffic to a website and improve its visibility. Here are a few tactics to improve online visibility of a website:

Know the ways to build quality Backlinks

According to a W3C report, a link is a connection between one web resource and another. Besides building authority and credibility for a website, it is also essential to build backlinks so that it can perform better across the web.

Here are a few techniques to build backlinks:

  • Try to attain links from news sites and .edu sites.

  • Attain links from blogs and infographics.

  • Forum signature is a good way to get inbound links.

  • Use Twitter, StumbleUpon and Reddit to get quality links.

  • Conduct studies and represent statistics to generate backlinks.

  • Use Diigo.

  • Rely on article submission as well as syndication to build backlinks.

Understand and resolve SEO issues

As a marketer, you need to understand and resolve SEO issues. Let’s starts with the basics.

  • Identify and fix duplicate content issue.

  • Understand Panda update.

  • Fix Rel=canonical issues.

  • Use Rel=prev and Rel=next to fix pagination issues.

  • Examine and correct your internal linking structure.

  • Secure your website with HTTPS.

  • Fix session id issue because it can create thousands of duplicate pages.

Analyse content

Content plays a vital role in SEO; as a marketer you need to create high-quality content to:

  • attract customers

  • establish credibility

  • improve search engine rankings

However, you also need to analyse and refine existing content.

Tips –

  • Choose the best tone and style to communicate your messages.

  • Create relevant and appropriate content.

  • Know your customers’ goals before creating and publishing content.

  • Examine past data and industry statistics before crafting content.

  • Your style should support your business goals.

  • Rely on brainstorming, competitive analysis, and listening to your customers.

Focus on microblogging

Today, companies want to spread their messages at the least possible cost. So, it is essential to use powerful microblogging platforms like Twitter.

Tips –

  • Use Twitter to announce offers and discounts.

  • Use it to promote news posts and keep users updated.

Use Socialbookmarking

It is not a new concept; however, it is far more effective than any other medium. It allows marketers to spread business news. It allows users to organise bookmarks.

Tips –

  • Write high-quality descriptions.

  • Make sue of tags.

  • Create a professional profile.

  • Use the top social bookmarking platform.(https://www.searchenginejournal.com/50-social-bookmarking-sites-importance-of-user-generated-tags-votes-and-links/6066/)

So, be ready to harness the power of online marketing.